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You’re Killin’ Me: Senator Malcolm A. Smith

August 29, 2012 · Posted in you're killin me · 4 Comments 

This past week really killed me. There was that creepy Nicki perfume bottle. I mean, that alone could kill me right? Literally. Then there was the Lupe Fiasco #BoycottSPIN campaign which all started when a writer on SPIN gave Lupe a bad review. This really blindsided me coming from a rapper like Lupe Fiasco. Maybe he’s taking the “activist” rapper role way too serious. It’s just the dude’s opinion. He didn’t like Lupe’s “B*tch Bad” music video. Period. There’s tons of other things Activist Lupe could focus on, yet he decides to distract us with his own selfish agenda. Lupe is gassed up on his own farts. But he’s not the only one. New York Senator Malcolm A. Smith actually out gassed Lupe. Senator Smith just thinks New York is so great, and maybe it is. Maybe its gun laws make it the greatest state in the Union, and maybe that’s just why Lil Wayne doesn’t like New York. Just because Weezy said that he didn’t like New York, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like the people in it. It also doesn’t mean that he hates Jay-Z. Well maybe he hates Jay-Z, but he never said that in this interview. You’re killin’ me Senator Smith. Stop trying to use your political scare tactics on hip-hop.

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