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You’re Killin’ Me: Senator Malcolm A. Smith

August 29, 2012 · Posted in you're killin me · 4 Comments 

This past week really killed me. There was that creepy Nicki perfume bottle. I mean, that alone could kill me right? Literally. Then there was the Lupe Fiasco #BoycottSPIN campaign which all started when a writer on SPIN gave Lupe a bad review. This really blindsided me coming from a rapper like Lupe Fiasco. Maybe he’s taking the “activist” rapper role way too serious. It’s just the dude’s opinion. He didn’t like Lupe’s “B*tch Bad” music video. Period. There’s tons of other things Activist Lupe could focus on, yet he decides to distract us with his own selfish agenda. Lupe is gassed up on his own farts. But he’s not the only one. New York Senator Malcolm A. Smith actually out gassed Lupe. Senator Smith just thinks New York is so great, and maybe it is. Maybe its gun laws make it the greatest state in the Union, and maybe that’s just why Lil Wayne doesn’t like New York. Just because Weezy said that he didn’t like New York, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like the people in it. It also doesn’t mean that he hates Jay-Z. Well maybe he hates Jay-Z, but he never said that in this interview. You’re killin’ me Senator Smith. Stop trying to use your political scare tactics on hip-hop.

New York is the birthplace of hip-hop, but that doesn’t mean Wayne should kiss Lady Liberty’s feet. I don’t usually agree with Wayne, but I’m with him 100% on this issue. In 2007, Wayne was arrested for possession of Marijuana and a .40 caliber hand-gun. Although the gun wasn’t technically his, Wayne had to take the fall and pleaded guilty to felony gun possession. Because of New York’s strict gun laws, Wayne was sentenced to 1 year at Rikers Island. He ended up serving 8 months for good behavior. The trial was full of dreaded delays which just helped stall Wayne’s career. Now who would like New York after all this? I don’t care if Wayne was in the wrong, he still has the right to not like New York after spending 8 months at Rikers. Senator Malcolm, is this Nazi Germany? We’re all supposed to love the reich?

Flat out, I don’t like New York. – Lil Wayne

Also, when did Wayne insult Jay-Z or Frank Sinatra? Sure Jay and Frank rep’ NY to the fullest, but Wayne wasn’t really insulting the people of New York. It sounded like he was insulting its laws more than anything. After all, he had just performed a free show alongside Nicki Minaj in New York. He and Nicki gave the people of New York a free show! How does he hate them? He hates the laws that incarcerated him for 8 months. Mr. Politician was just twisting Wayne’s words in order to get attention, and the people fell for it. He never dissed Jay-Z or Frank Sinatra. Besides, what’s a state senator doing holding a press conference begging Lil Wayne for an apology? You’re killin’ me.

People have been dissing New York, the birthplace, for decades. If Wayne’s comments spit in the face of every New Yorker, then 2 Pac already shot ‘em, stabbed ‘em, mutilated them, defecated on them, and fed them to the pigs. Back in the 90’s, ‘Pac and every other Cali’ rapper dissed New York every day. New Yorkers are currently acting like they’re prom queens and everybody has to like them. Y’all need to forget about Wayne. He’s just giving his honest opinion. You’re probably making him hate New York even more. And Mr. Senator, get a job, or better yet, do your job. You’re killin’ me.

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4 Responses to “You’re Killin’ Me: Senator Malcolm A. Smith”

  1. The Royal One on August 29th, 2012 8:48 am

    Lil wayne doesn’t like New York, I don’t like lil wayne the rapper. So what, that’s just an opinion.

    I can’t believe another article about this situation was posted on here again. That was a lot of hours you wasted putting this together. You could of been reading a book, playing Madden 13, hanging with your friends or girlfriend or something else better.


  2. pohpihrellik on August 29th, 2012 3:21 pm

    damn someone took it to the heart . i never been to new york n i dont plan on ever going. no offense to new yorkers but nothing bout that place makes me wana see what it’s like . you think the senators guna come knockin at my door now ? wether i like lil wayne or not hes a person n hes entitled to his opinion . it seems like buddy wants attention


  3. angie on August 29th, 2012 5:23 pm

    I agree with you 100% . I dont even care if he dont like his own city. And how important is lil wayne to demand that you want an apology from him. The only reason why wayne doesnt like New York is because he got caught. Only is it to bad you say at the end. ” New Yorkers are currently acting like they’re prom queens and everybody has to like them” because now you talk about Senator Macolm A. smith but also about the 8 million New Yorkers who didnt do anything. Maybe a couple but not in general.


  4. jimmy on August 29th, 2012 6:37 pm

    Lupe Fiasco is the most politiaclly-conscious rappers of our era and you’re ignoring his reasoning behind #BoycottSpinMagazine. He wants a higher demand of music journalism and NOT just a biased view from a man who clearly does not like his music. Appreciate the message in “Bitch Bad” for what it is worth; GENIUS.


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