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15 Killer Hip-Hop Memes (Round 2)

October 10, 2012 · Posted in editorial · 2 Comments 

Look, watching Gunplay get tossed and maced is hilarious. But you know what’s funnier? Captioned pics from Drake’s younger days. Now that’s how you take care of your sense of humor. Last time we went through 15 Killer Hip-Hop memes, we saw Rick Ross and Precious’ child ride the bus. This time around we have Drake ice-skating, 2 Chainz’ family picture, and several politically charged rap memes in honor of the upcoming election. L-Y-A-O after the break.

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Hit ‘Em Up: Holo-Pac Edition

April 27, 2012 · Posted in editorial · 10 Comments 

From Amerikaz Most Wanted to Amerikaz most tweeted, 2 Pac’s hologram has been popping up all over the net. Whether it’s Raekwon talking about an ODB hologram, Dr. Dre talking about taking 2 Pac on tour, or Suge Knight questioning ‘Pac’s death, 2 Pac has been the talk of hip-hop. It feels like 1996 all over again except that when someone says, “picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture,” they’re most likely talking about an instagram filter. Get the picture? It’s not 1996. Tupac is dead (maybe), don’t try to bring him back with a hologram, or to be politically correct a Pepper’s Ghost. It’s disrespectful. The Tupac hologram is monetarily exploiting Tupac’s memory, and it gives audiences a fake illusion of Tupac’s actual self.

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