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You’re Killin’ Me: Lil B

July 4, 2011 · Posted in reviews · 7 Comments 

This is a guest post written By Quez and may not necessarily reflect the views of


Usually this space is reserved for rappers that kill me with their stupidity. But, today I’m flipping the script, all because Lil B is killin’ it. I won’t lie; 2 months ago I would’ve wrote about Lil B’s toddler-like rhyme schemes. Then I’m Gay suddenly dropped. And I can’t let the week go by without acknowledging B’s genius. Revolutionary, but gay.

Words can’t even begin to explain what Brandon McCartney has done to Hip Hop. Let’s try either way. He began as another dude uploading nonsense YouTube videos. It wasn’t much but he worked very hard, and eventually Hip Hop started talking about this dude from The Pack. Yea Lil B. Basedgod still has kids all over the country cookin’. In New York he had dudes giving their girlfriends up to Basedgod as sacrifices. B’s YouTube channel has more subscribers than some artists VEVO channels. And recently, he inked a deal with touring giant Live Nation. Did I mention he is doing all of this without support from a major record label?

Up to that point I admired Lil B’s hustle but I still didn’t appreciate his music. Then he unexpectedly released the controversial Im Gay album. He released it with the intent of freeing people from mental slavery, saying words, “don’t mean sh*t”. At first, I thought it was all a gimmick where Lil B was trying to be controversial to sell albums. Then, Lil B tweeted “CUZ I LOVE YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE 10 DOLLERS TO BUY MY NEW PROJECT HERE IT GOES FOR FREE- Lil B :+)”. That’s right Lil B gave away his best work out for free. Lil B is not doing this to sell albums, he’s doing it to free people from mental slavery.

Lil B’s Im Gay is one of the most progressive albums directed at the youth over the past couple of years. With subject matters deeper than swag, cars, clothes, and hoes, Lil B explores subjects such as inequality and human suffering. Being an unsigned artist this is a huge deviation from what we’ve come to expect from upcoming rappers. Unlike most rappers Lil B never tried to fit the mold. In this day and age that can be considered suicide.

Excuse me if I sound cliche, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. One of Hip Hop’s weaknesses is brainwashing people into being uniform. If he’s wearing skinny jeans, I have to wear skinny jeans. Alright that dude is wearing a snap-back, I’m going to get a snap-back. And the list goes on and on. This is why Lil B’s I’m Gay is such a special project. It completely violates the status quo. Lil B has changed the way artists market themselves; I’m Gay has completely changed the way people are looking at Hip Hop and society, rarely will an album ever do that.

Lil B you’re killin’ it.

Buy Lil B’s I’m Gay here, or if you dont have $10 download it for free here.

Stop being a slave to the race.

Written by @QuezKHH


7 Responses to “You’re Killin’ Me: Lil B”

  1. Wesley on July 4th, 2011 2:04 pm

    I always had a huge dislike of Lil’ B, but never saw it that way, this post actually made me think LOL. Sure gonna give the album a try(although I barely listen to hip hop anymore) and might even buy it


  2. ThaBoss on July 4th, 2011 3:52 pm

    Nice post!! I’ll give it a try for free and if I like it, I’ll buy it! Thanks!


  3. Pauly Dee on July 4th, 2011 8:17 pm

    An okay album and I like the message that he’s trying to send. Though the rhyme scheme and lyricism is still bad, it’s the though that counts. 3.2/5.


  4. Anneliese Pennycook on July 5th, 2011 1:04 am

    what an excellent article. can’t wait to hear it

    i’m in Love w/ lil b already and i haven’t a clue about anything other than the kind supportive words spoken about lil b’s daring heroism in a godless money-hungry material world where people ‘love things and use people’ instead of the other way around.

    lookkng fwd to seein’ lil b in the Stars tonight… happy 4th of july

    celebrating the Best of Be-ing American ♡ love always…


  5. white hipster on July 6th, 2011 1:27 am

    can’t nobody do it like that boy lil b!

    album is incredible, thank you basedgod!


  6. […] yesterday I praised Lil B for his courage on I’m Gay. But I’m not to sure about these statements. The only thing that prevents I’m Gay from […]

  7. Alexis on July 25th, 2011 4:13 pm

    Wow now I see him differently.


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