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Video: Willy Gonza – Around We Go (Prod. by Dj Sertifyee)

March 27, 2014 · Posted in exclusive, Music, up-and-coming, Videos · Comment 

New Jersey’s hip-hop scene is very limited right now. Joe Budden & Redman are the only relevant rappers still walking around this game. As the new generation is emerging onto the scene, a Cuban by the name of Willy Gonza from the streets of North Bergen, New Jersey has been the talk of the town lately.

Gonza delivers “Around We Go” as this track is very relatable to most up-and-coming rappers around the nation. Hard work and perseverance is a motto that most Americans live by but when it comes to music, it is all we know. Life goes round and round with many obstacles in our way to success. Even with that said, the happiness of all successes is within our surroundings and we don’t even notice it.

Willy Gonza and Video Director, Llama, brought that image to life and couldn’t capture it any better. As time gets hard, our environment becomes a task to deal with. Gonza provides the visual for what’s real in the world of the come-up. This record is off of Willy Gonza’s recent EP, “Music To My Ears”, which you can cop at With over 5,000+ listens, Willy Gonza clearly is providing the sound that New Jersey and the hip-hop world is waiting for.

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