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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With M.O.

April 14, 2014 · Posted in exclusive, interview · Comment 


M.O is an upcoming RnB trio hailing from the UK made up of Frankee, Annie and Nadine. They are set to take the music industry by storm and we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the group.

During our interview they spoke about how they came together, their musical influences, how their name was inspired by a Drake song and much more. Check out the full interview below.

1) For those that don’t know, how did the group meet and come together?  

Annie: Myself and Nadine used to be in a group so always ended up meeting at the same gigs and events – we were always talking about what kind of music we wanted to make but couldn’t… then we met Frankee one time at another event and we all just clicked.. so we just decided to go for it. Our respective groups had gone their separate ways by then so we decided to get in the studio together and see what happened.

2) What does your name mean and represent?

It means Modus Operandi, we got it from that Drake track ‘The Motto’ – it’s just how we do things to achieve what we want.

3) Who would you say has influenced your musical style?

We’ve loved TLC, Alliyah, All Saints and Lauryn Hill since forever – old-school J-Lo too (actually her new track with French is a banger!!)

4) What makes M.O. different from other girl groups out now?

We’re just doing our thing, you know? We write or co-write all of our own material, we like to collaborate with producers that you might not necessarily associate us with: we love to get heavyweight producers like Woz or Gorgon City or Slakah The Beatchild to test their own style and make tracks you wouldn’t normally associate with them . We don’t think there’s another girl group out there doing that at the moment! I guess we’re just stubborn, haha.

5) What are your thoughts on the digital landscape in the music industry? 

Things change all the time, it’s natural. On one hand we miss being able to go and buy physical CDs as much as we used to, but it also means there’s just so much more music out there, which is amazing for emerging artists. Musicians can communicate with each other much more freely and bedroom producers find themselves blowing up from nothing, which makes things really exciting. And then there’s the whole social media thing: we love it really! We don’t even think about it anymore, it’s a part of our lives. Maybe the only thing is that people can share too much these days, then complain when everyone’s up in their business… You can’t have it both ways!

6) You just released the remixes to “For A Minute” featuring Koke, Sneakbo and Scrufizzer. How did those collabs come about? 

We really respected all of those artists so much, they’re all huge on the underground so we were so grateful that we could get them on – just being able to jam with them and hear their verses on our track makes us feel good! We were in the studio with them at various stages and just we straight-up asked them, they all said yes!

7) What other artists have you worked with and have in the pipeline?

We made a track this year with Slakah The Beatchild so let’s do something with Drake! Otherwise we’ve been in the studio with Jess Glynne, Shola Ama and Bless Beats – Shola was too sweet! We’ve just confirmed we’re playing Wireless Festival on the same bill as YG!

8) Name us your top 5 artists past or present?

Lauryn Hill
Michael Jackson

9) What advice would you give upcoming artists/bands who want to break through in the music industry and be in your position?

Be true to yourself, and know what you want! Stay positive and don’t pay much mind to negativity – don’t take anything personally because there’s a lot of talent out there. And be prepared to wait your turn!

10) What’s next for M.O.? 

We’ve got a massive tour that we can’t wait to announce – we’ve got loads of festival dates coming through too, we’ve just confirmed that we’re playing Wireless with YG and Wilkinson so we’re really excited – get us on stage with YG he gon’ learn!

Many thanks to M.O. for answering our questions. Their new single “For A Minute” is available to download on iTunes now. You can also keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.


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