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50 Cent PSA #2

October 30, 2011 · Posted in news · 18 Comments 

50 Cent gets some more frustration off his chest on his 2nd PSA. Read what he had to say about corrupt politicians, and big bankers after the jump. Like Street King on facebook. 1 Like = 1 Meal.

How fucked up that we have evidence that the big Banks have been corrupt, yet our governments aren’t punishing those that have stolen from the pension funds.

Our Politicians are puppets for whoever pays them into office. That’s how fucked our system is. Their broken promises for change cant happen especially when the system is corrupt

And children who need a meal go without because our politicians won’t stop thinking of themselves long enough or how to win the next election, too look around them and see how bad it is.
You aren’t helping Mr politician, things are getting worse here in the US, in Europe, Africa everywhere!

Im fuckn angry that Children are dying everyday.

There’s hard working people out there who do give a shit.

Problem is those with the power – government and big business, want this system to keep going. Its suits them

I don’t want to do business with these fuckers anymore. Do you?

if a company isn’t giving back, stop buying from them. Buy a pair of shoes from TOMS (who give another pair to someone in need), look for companies that aren’t paying lip service to community / charity

we are more powerful than the big business and politicians realize……we have the power to stop buying their products, banking with them.

your dollar, that you worked hard for, does have power.

together we can say – WAKE UP A-HOLES! The game is over.

50 cent

– want to shout out to Occupy Wall Street groups around the world. You are waking up the world, including me. Please keep up the peaceful protest, you are making a difference

Just on a side note. We have a 3rd world country right here in the U.S.A. Native American Reservations. Look it up.

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18 Responses to “50 Cent PSA #2”

  1. Jerico on October 30th, 2011 6:14 am

    SHHHHHHHH let 50 speak for now AL.s lol


  2. Mike abate on October 30th, 2011 9:31 am

    Somebody needs to shut his preachin ass up cause it’s gettin waaaay outplayed !! You care we got it Stop playin fuckin superman !!!!!

    [Reply] Reply:

    @Mike abate, you want the guy to caring/trying about/to improve the shit that we’re in man your dumb as fuck.. I’m no 50 since massacre but damn he’s just tryna make a difference


    ray13allday Reply:

    @Mike abate, its funny cuz i bet ur the same type of person that back in 03 said “why doesn’t this nigga give back to the poor” well he is now and all hes asking is one like on facebook that probably wont take more than 3 seconds outta your day to do YOU’RE hating is getting outplayed


    Mike abate Reply:

    @ray13allday, I didnt say I ain’t cosignin what he’s doin it’s just the fact that he’s being an attention whore, I mean if he’s gonna donate that money then just do it & don’t start gettin your ‘MLK’ on cause if you haven’t noticed he’s no motivational speaker or any shit like that. Now I’ve never been a 50 fan but I don’t hate the guy either & I rarely comment on stuff that’s not directly related to music but come on now if he went & donated the money instead of yappin bout it half of those ppl would’ve been helped by now !!!


    illadelph_meekmill Reply:

    @Mike abate,
    lol your f*ckin retarded.. hes trying to get EVERYONE to donate money time and services to help.. he probably already donated his money

  3. Ronaldo on October 30th, 2011 2:14 pm

    He’s right but he has milions and milions of dollar, why doesnt he give half of his money to help ? why just poor people (like us) need help ?


    Common Sense Reply:


    you dumb as fuck and you dont even dont know it, image that, 50 cent spend half of his money and thats it. BUT HE WANT TO CHANGE YOU,ME AND US. He want to change USA thats why he talk so much about that. look he spend 500 mille and the kids in africa got food for 3-4 years but ant than ? after the 3-4 years ? should 50 cent spend again so much money after 3-4 years ? but if you spend and help too he can help them kids for longer years


  4. Wesley on October 30th, 2011 2:58 pm

    Oh please 50, now it annoys me, if you want to help these people so badly give your own money instead of wanting likes on fb .


    B Reply:

    @Wesley, those likes on FB is just to show dedication from people he still gave 1million dollars, all of it came from his pocket. So i’m pretty sure he did pay with his own money.


    Common Sense Reply:


    when he just spend everything from his own pocket, so what the fuck can he do alone ? he can give only 5-6 millions and thats not enough he needs our help BUT LIKE 50 CENT SAID , the world is fucked up and thank you “b” for your text message so you showed us that you one of these “fucked up bitches”


    Wesley Reply:

    @Common Sense, @B,

    And any of you think it would change anything if we pressed the like button? I like the idea of it all, trying to change us all, but is this really needed? I mean, if he gives one meal to them per like they would die 4 days later of starvation, doesnt make much of a difference. if he jsut gave the money to them, that would make more of a difference then a meal. Either way, he says he is trying to change us all, but he’d rather did this to make his energy drink sell more than really help those kids, what makes this ‘charity’ so much different compared to those millions of others? Excuse me, but this whole charity thing is just a way for 50 himself to look good and sell his drink. Whoever would like to see a difference should quit dreaming, it doesnt change a goddamn thing, if we had to believe all these charities, africa would be the richest continent by now.


  5. blah on October 30th, 2011 5:49 pm

    if he wants to help so bad he should take his jet n filled that shit with food and take it to the poor instead of complaining like a girl.


  6. imrighthere on October 30th, 2011 6:57 pm

    DAMN…. all you f**k n*ggas hating on fifty speaking on something positive. n*gga would you give half ur money away just like that? get outta here. respect the man for sending out positive message. See the bigger picture in this.


  7. HoodRiddance on October 30th, 2011 8:05 pm

    Are you guys seriously asking that he just throws money at the situation instead of taking action? That is the exact reaction we do NOT need celebrities and the public in general taking.. c’mon. now

    I’m not a 50 fan but I hope he keeps it up.. I’m more likely to check out his new stuff now than I was before.


  8. Brooklyn waddduuppp cuzz on October 31st, 2011 4:10 am

    Its all about drizzy drake fuck 50


  9. Ht on October 31st, 2011 12:07 pm

    You Gotta Be Fuckin Kidding Me.
    50’S Right. The Worlds Fucked Up.
    You Hatin On Feeding Poor People!?
    I Cant Believe That U Guys Exist.
    U Sound Like That Religious Story : (U & Ur God Go And Fight Them).
    Finally 1 Rapper Showed His Balls And Supported” Occupy WallStreet”.
    You Know! He Doesnt Need That. He’s Rich As Shit. But Hes Been Through This Poor Thing. Why Jay-Z Or Others Didnt Say A Shit About These!?
    Well Cuz They’re The 1% And Dont Wanna Get Involved In This. All They Care About Is Gettin Money And Thats It.
    Well, If U Not Supporting Neither Of The Movements, Just Stay Away And Dont Hate On Good People.
    KHH Thanks For Supporting 50 And Saying The Right Things….


  10. Jubril on October 31st, 2011 3:09 pm

    I never realized how Dumb some off khh readers are wow.   50 alone can”t do this.  You billion, trillion dollar power to make these changes people need. You need system changes.   You idiots talking about he should give half of his money sound like whiny Bit*hes   50 is making more a difference in one day than you will probably In a life time.  When was was last time you donated a million dollars.  Let me see you do that in a lifetime.   He from southside Jamica queens he started with nothing probably less than you. 


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