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VIDEO: Lil Wayne Announces I AM STILL Music Tour Documentary

April 27, 2011 · Posted in behind the scenes, interview, news, Videos · Comment 

Lil Wayne revealed to Sway at MTV that he is filming a behind The Scenes documentary as part of his I AM Still Music Tour.

I think Weezy referenced the Def Jam “Backstage” Documentary/Movie that was released in 2000 which featured Jay-Z, DMX and Redman as inspiration for this documentary.

The original “Backstage” documentary went down in hip hop history and featured the classic battle between Jay-Z vs DMX. It also featured the infamous 3 second clip of Jay-Z supposedly hitting a girl when in fact it was his good friend. This clip ended up being blown out of proportion all over the media.

It also featured Dame Dash flipping out at Def Jam executive Kevin Liles while having a haircut. Not to forget the groupie shots. Yeah, you remember the toilet scene. Lol. Too many classic moments. Weezy got a lot to live up to.


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