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Video: DJ Logan Sama Gives His Advice To Upcoming Artists!

September 8, 2010 · Posted in Business, interview, news · Comment 

UK Grime DJ Logan Sama gives solid advice to upcoming emcee’s. Whether you are a rapper, grime artist, singer or even comedian the advice still applies.

“Talent is 10%, hard work and graft is 90%”

We get a lot of emails from upcoming artists who want to be featured on Killerhiphop. Often times they send a song and I like the music. So I do some research…

I google the name, nowhere! I Youtube the name, nowhere! I twitter the name, nowhere! This tells me you’re not serious. So I end up not posting the track.

Bottom line is get your name out there! This site can’t make or break you, only you can!

Be all over the internet and build a brand for yourself and build up your buzz. Once you have that people will take notice.

I would love to help talented artists so feel free to send music and links to

Keep grinding. Peace!

Spotted @ GrimeDaily. Props Streetstarz.


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