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Up-And-Coming: Freekstile

August 1, 2012 · Posted in downloads, Music, upcoming, Videos · Comment 

As the winner of Beats By KillerHipHop Part II, lets get to know Freekstile a bit more. Freekstile is an up and coming rapper/songwriter/engineer from the Forever 1 Dumb Genius (F1DG) crew, who resides in Brooklyn, NYC.

The young Brooklyn-ite released his first official EP entitled, “Open House” last April, which was produced by an up and coming producer out of the state of Florida by the name of 24/7 and co-produced by F1DG’s production genius, Llama.

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Being inspired by Japanese culture and the streets of Brooklyn, Freekstile decided to combine the two influences in his music to help portray a picture of how he viewed life through his own eyes.

Fans and music listeners can expect a few more upcoming mixtapes and a digital album from the F1DG headliner. Future projects will featured major producers such as K.E. on tha Track, Jahlil Beats of Roc Nation, and the rising star, 24/7.

Freekstile is a great discovery for – he has proven to us through his music that obstacles aren’t a problem in the Hip-Hop game. Freekstile’s smooth quick flow, lyrical wordplay, and presence for the public makes him standout from the average rapper from Brooklyn. Do not sleep on Freekstile, that’s a killer recommendation.

Download Freekstile’s recent EP entitled, “Open House” here.

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by Eric Kidd
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