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REVIEW: Wiz Khalifa Performs At O2 Academy Brixton

October 10, 2013 · Posted in exclusive, reviews, Videos · Comments Off on REVIEW: Wiz Khalifa Performs At O2 Academy Brixton 


On 26th September 2013 Wiz Khalifa took his tour to the UK where he performed at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London. He was supported by Trinidad James. KillerHipHop was lucky enough to be in the building to watch his performance go down and get an exclusive interview with the man himself. Check out our exclusive review and video interview after the jump.

Wiz Khalifa took to the stage with his self coined modern day hippy style to a Brixton academy filled with excitement and a chilled out atmosphere. The build up to his performance courtesy of the ever growing hype surrounding Trinidad Jame$ and his entoruage, laid the perfect foundation to end the night on a mellowed out note courtesy of the Wiz himself. Complete with heart racing radio hits in between every handful of tracks.

The crowd was filled with Wiz fans both old and new, with those reminiscent of his Kush and OJ tracks definitely making their presence known, miming along to Still Blazin, with the relatively newer fans accustomed to Wiz’s more recent music definitely more into his more pop infused tracks. The crowd were ecstatic with his performances, ending on voice no instrument versions of many, allowing the crowd to join in. Those present to enjoy the mellow atmosphere were evident towards the back of the venue, being able to chill out by the bar as opposed to those moshing to the adrenaline rush that is Taylor Gang at the very front.

Wiz’s most recent performance showcases his development as an artist, while staying true to his fans with renditions of his previous albums and mixtape tracks. He may have dropped some of the more stereotypical rapper traits and styles which the die hard fans grew to love, but there is definitely something for everyone with his diverse music catalogue.

As is typical of a Wiz concert there was the expected encouragement to bring along your own weed, light it up, puff and pass it on. The crowd in anticipation had already begun before the venue opened and well into the Trinidad Jame$ performance. This set the mood for what was to come, with Wiz’s rapping style definitely what the crowd was waiting for. Despite the mellow attitude, when Taylor Gang dropped, the crowd exploded with anticipation as moshpits and fans going crazy to his every word.

Review by @ErginErgsAli

Watch our exclusive interview below.


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