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News: Shyne Dislikes Rick Ross’ ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’

October 9, 2012 · Posted in news · 3 Comments 


Rick Ross’ Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape just dropped and it’s probably too early to judge, but try telling that to Shyne. We’re guessing his problem isn’t necessarily with the music, but with the title. Shyne went on his twitter yesterday and shared his thoughts on Rozay’s career and his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

When did cops start making gangster music? How we go from f#%* the police to being the police? Mazol tov! Rick Ross was a cop. He remind me of Ice t from new jack city. What he know about that life? Too many bodies & sentences for all that lying If u was a crooked cop moving all that dope how u become a rapper & expose yourself is a king pin? Where the RICO at? #liar. Black bartmitzva? These coppers fantasize about the things that i do daily like these coppers rap about the life I live really! Any body that rap about that life should donate a % of his earnings to ending inner city genocide Mazol tov!

As you may already know, Shyne converted to Judaism and now lives life as an orthodox Jew. Continue reading his rant after the break.

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First they criticize me for being a Jew, now they’re favorite fake rapper is having a black bar mitzva? GTFOH. He’s alright but he’s not real! He’s a cop I squeeze that steel! Still! I’m the father. Listen to my bastard child! Mazol tov! He’s alright but he’s not real! He’s a cop! He’s not real! F#%^ the police & the former correctional officers! If u a police lover f#%^ u too! I got partners doing life cause they really slung dope. I despise someone who lies about that life. If your a correctional officer kool, just don’t make a career out of rapping about the people u imprisoned. That’s disgusting!


3 Responses to “News: Shyne Dislikes Rick Ross’ ‘Black Bar Mitzvah’”

  1. chi on October 9th, 2012 7:02 pm

    Thank you so fucking much Shyne for speaking the truth. This the fakest nigga in the rap game but yet so many people love him I just don’t get it. I mean dont get me wrong the man can rap but everytime I listen to his music I just think about all lies coming out of his mouth. I just dont know how america let rick ross slide and get so famous when he was a correctional officer, and I heard ross in an interview saying he did anything to get money before he blew up, but damn dont start rapping about someone else life that you didnt live, and portraying yourself as a drug lord. Niggas quick to hate on Lil Wayne saying he fake cause he skateboarding and shit. Damn at least that man trying to live that life. Shidd i rather be a skateboarder than a COP ANYDAY…And I know Lil wayne didnt have anything to do with this article i just used him as an example on some true shit….


  2. Johnnie O on October 9th, 2012 7:09 pm

    Shyne always talking too much crap, yet he’s making shitty music. Like be real man, you come out of prison and you can’t even go hard…..At least Ross is making millions and doing something with music. Instead of talking smack and making wack ass shit…..Step your game up Shyne, you was good before but you flopped smh


  3. swagfag on October 9th, 2012 9:16 pm



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