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KillerHipHop Exclusive: Macon Hamilton Interview

December 26, 2012 · Posted in exclusive, interview, mixtapes, up-and-coming, upcoming · 1 Comment 

After reading the crazy responses from my first question, “Who the F%@# is Macon Hamilton?” I thought I would sit down and ask the young Georgia native about a few other things that were on my mind…
So here you go, for everyone that has already been swept up by the Macon Hamilton Wave & for the rest of you who just may be a little curious too; Our first one-on-one exclusive interview with Macon Hamilton.

Q: At 17 years old, did you expect for your music to get the type of response it’s already getting?
A: “Heck No. (Laughs) It’s crazy because I knew I was going to earn back what I put in, but I had no clue it was going to happen fast, like legit had no clue.”

Q: What do you think about people that are hearing your music for the first time and comparing it to other rappers like Kendrick Lamar?
“Blessed, seriously. Let’s be real, I’m 17. K. Dot is 25. I got time to grow y’know? Makes me want to push myself to a new height, deadass.”

Q: When you were younger, was there any artists that helped mold your craft or inspired you more than others?
“Definitely Outkast, Sergio Mendez, Black Eyed Peas (Elephunk to be specific.) The Wu Tang Clan, Sublime Etc. And My Homie SDK, He really inspired me to learn how to freestyle.”

Q: What does your family think about all the attention that your mixtape, “Macon Going Ham” is getting?
“My mother supports me like hell, but she didn’t believe it at first. It’s all cool though cause once I showed her the views on my YouTube, she flipped.”

Q: I’m sure that your fan base is increasing dramatically, how has that changed life for you in your community?
“It feels amazing getting a lot of love. I actually have my neighbors bumping my shit up and down Atlanta. God knows how many people are truly put onto the “Macon Hamilton Wave” but I’m thankful for the support that I’m getting, 100.”

Q: Which five artists do you feel like you NEED to collaborate with?
“Pac Div, Curren$y, Ab-Soul, 9th Wonder, Trinidad James.”

Q: What is Macon Hamilton’s New Years resolution?
“Rap, Eat, Repeat. That’s the motto every year, and it’ll never changed.”

Q: Rapper, Producer, Engineer. Sounds like a busy job. Which role feels like it comes most naturally to you?
“Honestly, Rapping. The only reason I became A Producer/Engineer was because I was dead broke with no help. I had to get off my ass and teach myself. I got the hook up now though. (Laughs)”

Q: What’s next for Macon Hamilton?
“Music, Shows and eating. all I’m focused on is making an impact in the game while making sure my family gets fed, y’know?”

Q: What motivates you to get that studio time and keep the craft flowing?
“My Natural Dedication. By the end of the day the only person that can keep you going is you.”

Spoken like a true hustla.
You can check out Macon’s newest mixtape “Macon Going Ham” here, or keep up with him on twitter.

By: Rick Roman
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One Response to “KillerHipHop Exclusive: Macon Hamilton Interview”

  1. MFA on December 27th, 2012 3:39 am

    Aww KHH how y’all gon do this to me!? If you wanted to put a young dude on, you shoulda hit me up! Lol. But jealousy aside, this dude Macon is really dope. Not quite like me, but he’s dope. Lol.


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