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KillerHipHop Exclusive | Dizzy Wright Interview

April 14, 2012 · Posted in exclusive, interview · 1 Comment 

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless, it’s Dizzy Wright. Dizzy D Flashy, as he was previously known, has been in the game since the age of 10. Dizzy caught his 1st big break in 2010 when he appeared on 106 & Park’s “Wild Out Wednesday.” Today, Vegas’ brightest star has broken his city’s popular slogan as he’s now a nationwide artist backed by Funk Volume.

With his biggest release to date nearing its 4/20 release, we decided to catch up with Dizzy Wright. Together we talked about hip-hop & violence, SmokeOut Conversations, his mom writing his raps, and linking up with Funk Volume. Full interview after the jump.

QuezKHH: So how did SXSW treat you?
Dizzy Wright: It was good man. It was a learning experience.

KHH: I heard you performed 7 shows in 5 days. That must’ve been crazy.
Dizzy: Yea it actually was.

KHH: Recently there have been a lot of headlining incidents of people throwing objects at performers. Has that ever happened to you?
Dizzy: Nah. Ain’t nobody ever throw nothing at me.

KHH: How do you think a rapper is supposed to handle a situation like that?
Dizzy: The best way you can. I mean, all you can do is handle it the best way you can and if it gets ugly it gets ugly. It was just meant to happen like that. But, handle it the best way you can.

KHH: Do you think that hip-hop promotes violence, and maybe that’s why we see these things happen at hip-hop shows?
Dizzy: TV promotes violence. Reality shows promote violence. Everything promotes violence these days. I mean, I think liquor provokes violence. You go places and people get to drinking. It’s not just rap music. It’s whatever is going on. People watch a movie and get violent. Then they go to a show, and want to fight. They see somebody trippin’ in a movie, and they want to go to a party and be that person. So, it just happens man.

KHH: Well let’s talk about something more positive now. You’re dropping SmokeOut Conversations on 4/20. What do you want people to take away from that?
Dizzy: Something positive. It’s reality music. It’s something understandable for the people to relate to. A lot of people are going to take different things from it. It is what it is.

KHH: What kind of music can we expect on the project? Deep tracks, or tracks more loose like “Wright Now (Ft. Ben J)?”
Dizzy: More deep. I like to have fun on all my tracks. Even sometimes when I’m being deep, I just like to have fun. But yeah, more deep. More smooth.

KHH: Do you think hip-hop is lacking substance right now?
Dizzy: I think it’s coming back. There’s a couple of artists out there doing their thing. I don’t know how well it will be promoted considering that rap music with substance isn’t played on the radio, but people are doing what they need to be doing. Some cats out there grindin’.

KHH: Are there going to be any features on SmokeOut Conversations?
Dizzy: You’re going to have to wait until 4/20 to see bruh (laughs).

KHH: Is Hopsin going to be on there?
Dizzy: 4/20 man. It’s got to be a surprise man. You know. I want to make people wonder.

KHH: How about production wise? Who’s on there?
Dizzy: I really kept it in-house, the same producers that I’ve worked with on my previous projects. A couple of new cats. But for the most part, I kept it in-house.

KHH: I understand your mom used to write your raps back when you were little. Does she ever go back in your raps right now, and give you critiques or advice on your raps?
Dizzy: Nah. Not these days. My mom used to write my raps when I was a youngster. But nah, not now. She just tell me to keep going hard, and keep doing my best, and I just try to be the best.

KHH: How did you get hooked up with Funk Volume?
Dizzy: Dame [Ritter], one of the owners of the label. He reached out to me. I did a couple of shows and did some contests that he was able to see me at. I was able to research on what Funk Volume had going on, and we just worked it all out.

KHH: Weren’t you signed to Bluestar while you signed to Funk Volume? How did that work out?
Dizzy: Yeah, it was just some negative shit going on, but it happens. I had to make the best moves for me, for Dizzy Wright. We had to part ways, but there’s no hard feelings.

KHH: I spoke to Hopsin back in December, and asked him about the possibility of a collaborative Funk Volume project. He said no. Has anything changed since then because people really like it when you guys all get together.
Dizzy: Yeah in the future I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of tracks with all of us on it. But an actual full project? We’ll just have to wait and see how it works out in the future. I’m sure we’ll make something happen. Right now everybody has individual projects that they’re working on, so we’re just all focused [on that].

KHH: Lastly, I want to know what’s your favorite part about being a rapper?
Dizzy: Just having a voice. Getting people to listen. Inspiring people in different kind of ways whether it’s positive or negative, just having a voice. Performing, that’s probably the best part of all of it.

Stay up to date on Dizzy Wright’s every move by following him on twitter, and liking him on facebook. SmokeOut Conversations everywhere on 4/20.


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    HOLY HELL he looks like a younger wiz khalifa in tht pic


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