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Jay-Z Interview with Angie Martinez Talks Death of Autotune

June 9, 2009 · Posted in Business, interview · 1 Comment 

Jay-Z talks about Death of Autotune with Angie Martinez.

Jay-Z says he didn’t know T-Pain was on stage with him when he was performing DOA at Summer Jam. He said the performance with T-Pain wasn’t planned and it “felt a bit awkward”. Jay-Z didn’t speak to T-Pain before the show or after the show and was surprised with his appearance.

Angie Martinez plays the typical giggly interviewer in the presence of a superstar. However it is a very insightful interview overall.

Who produced Death of Autotune?

Jay-Z finally clears up all the confusion and confirms that Kanye West and No ID both produced “Death of Autotune”. This is clearly ironic as Kanye West’s whole last album “808’s and Heartbreak” was made using auto-tune.

Jay-Z goes on to say that he paid $5 million for the rights to make Blueprint 3 independently. He also states that during the negotiation for the album with L.A Reid he flipped a coin to pay an extra $1 million and lost.

During the interview Jay-Z also confirms that his album “Blueprint 3″ will be released on September 11th 2009.

Jay-Z quotable on money:

“Money is money, people gonna make money, people gonna lose money..the thing is I believe is to work around people that you love and enjoy being around”.

You can hear the song causing all the controversy with lyrics here Death of Autotune Lyrics


One Response to “Jay-Z Interview with Angie Martinez Talks Death of Autotune”

  1. lil miss domo on February 21st, 2010 2:15 am

    i think DOA is good cuz i mean everybody is using autotune ! it was t pains thing now everybody is doing it like lil wayne, kanye, ect. everybody is using it so i think everybody should just do they own thing and not t pians lil thing. so i get wat jay z is sayin about autotune.


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