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G.O.O.D Music Rosewood XXL Photoshoot

October 14, 2010 · Posted in documentary, interview, Videos · Comment 

Kanye West, Big Sean and Cyhi Da Prince do a “Rosewood” photoshoot for the latest version of XXL magazine.

“Every week is fashion week and every day I’m pressed clean”

“What is Rosewood?” I hear you ask. Rosewood is fashion movement started by Kanye West where they raise the level of sophistication within hip hop by wearing sharply tailored suits. The Luxist provided a great explanation.

You may hear several members of G.O.O.D music particularly Kanye West mention the Rosewood movement.

Check out the G.O.OD Music Cypher Lyrics and Video where they display the sartorial elegance required of the Rosewood movement.

Want to be part of it. Step your game up!


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