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EXCLUSIVE: Paigey Cakey Interview

December 4, 2013 · Posted in exclusive, interview · Comment 


KillerHipHop recently caught up with the upcoming rapper and actress Paigey Cakey for an exclusive interview. She spoke about her influences, being signed to Chip and her new single “Same Way”. Check out the interview below.

1) Where did you get the name “Paigey Cakey” from?

My name is Paige – Paigey comes from my name as a term of affection.

Cakey is slang from money and because I was the only child people called me “Cakey” as I always had the latest trainers and gadgets and even the song “baby cakes” came out, it had a nice ring to it so I added the Cakey also as a result.

2) How long have you been rapping for?

I been writing since I was 10. I made my first recording when I was 11.

3) Who we’re your musical influences growing up?

Ms Dynamite and Missy Elliott.

4) Now you’re signed to “Alwayz Recording” home of Chip…what advice has he offered you in the music industry?

He said don’t let “haters” phase you and to ignore it and just to keep doing you….

5) Now you’ve recently starred in a few acting roles, do you prefer acting to music?

I love both a lot but do prefer Music to acting as you can express yourself and be myself through my lyrics.

6) You’re current single “Same Way” is causing a storm in the urban UK music scene, what was the inspiration behind writing the track?

I wrote Same Way because everyone goes through periods in their life, when they are going through negativity and jealously being directed at them, so no matter what you say to me, I am not going to let it affect me as I will brush it off “same way”…. However, there is a niche for us females as there is more chance of us getting though and being successful due to not many of us doing this in the profession.

7) Is it daunting being a female in a male dominated music genre?

Due to it front male heavy, a lot of males did not respect me due to being a female. It is sometimes difficult for women in this industry as a lot of men think that women should be in the kitchen rather than spraying bars.

8) Any upcoming releases in the 2014 / future?

EP to be released in Jan and a possible summer tour.

9) What actors and artists would you like to work with in the future?

Actors – Queen Latifah, Teraji P Hensen and Ashley Walters.

Artists – ASAP Rocky, Rihanna, Drake.

Paigey Cakey’s single ‘Same Way’ is taken from the forthcoming EP “The Next Paige” due to be released in January 2014. You can keep up to date with her on Twitter and her website.


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