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VIDEO: Drake Talks About Lil Waynes Carter 4 Album

July 26, 2010 · Posted in interview, Videos · 11 Comments 

Drizzy Drake spoke to MTV about Lil Waynes Carter IV album.

“He’s really rapping from a broader life perspective”

He said Weezy rapped 2 verses to him from jail and that made him want to step his game up!

Weezy will be released from jail on November 2nd and I’m sure The Carter 4 will drop shortly after. Can it sell a millie first week?


11 Responses to “VIDEO: Drake Talks About Lil Waynes Carter 4 Album”

  1. fabian on July 26th, 2010 11:47 pm

    deff it can sell a millie as lng as pple buy and nt download it illegally online……..#FREEWEZZY


  2. Josh on July 27th, 2010 10:49 am

    yo could you please do lyrics to this song called helpless without you by kid cudi its rumored to be on man on the moon 2!!
    please please do the lyrics to this song! its so good. even if it isnt on his new album could you please do the lyrics!!
    heres the song:
    its not completely cd quality but could you please try and do the lyrics!
    thanks man, peace out.


  3. Fatih on July 27th, 2010 11:48 am

    No way, he can’t sell a millie on its first week!

    Emimem had 741K.

    How can weezy sell more than Fire Marshall :P


  4. DrakessWiffey on July 27th, 2010 6:59 pm

    The fckk ? !
    ” Faith ” dont know wat the hell you tawkenq bouhtt .
    He moss deff sold 1 . 5 mill ` the ferst week w , thaa carter 3 . So he releasenq the Carter 4 ? Ihts prolly qown double that & ‘ d do 2 . 5 mill ` .
    Who the hell is Eminem ? How drae you compare Eminem swaq w , Waynes swaq . Dont cmpare these oh – so – swaqless rappers w , Wayne pleasee . Cuhh eribodey alredy know wen iht comess down to iht , Wayne the B . R . A [ B ess Rapper Alive ) Let me know wat otha rapper sold 1 . 5 mill they fersst week ? ! Yeahhhh , Ohtaaaay . Tew you mafuckasss runnen ya mouth , do ya homework next time ; Make yaself look crazy .


    deeznutzinurmouth Reply:

    You need to do your homework, your English homework that is.@DrakessWiffey,


    drakeswifeysretarted Reply:

    you are one of the dumbest people i have ever come across in my life, you cant spell any single word of english. and get your facts straight eminem has sold more albums than any other rapper dead or alive, hes sold damn near 90 million worldwide next is pac with around 80 i think, waynes somewhere around 10……… not even in the fuckin picture you fuckin retard. lil waynes good and he has influenced hip hop but he cant even be compared to him or pac or anyone like that. first of all theyre competly different rappers. it would be like comparing nirvana, metallica, red hot chilli peppers or any other random rock group like that. just doesnt make sense


  5. tnas11 on July 28th, 2010 9:50 am

    Its gonna be MORE THAN A MILLIE!! for sure
    everybody is waiting for it after Carter III..

    Kanye West’s good ass job is gonna get a milli too or maybe 750K!


  6. david on July 28th, 2010 10:00 pm

    drakesswiffey, speak english, and you are the 1 who doesn’t know what they are talking about. 1.5 million would be 1 million 500 thousand, lil wayne sold 1,005,545 copies of tha carter 3 the first week, no where NEAR 1.5 million so first go back to school and learn numbers. and 2nd the best rapper alive is eminem, and he sold the most copies of an album in a week with the Marshall Mathers LP selling 1.79 million copies. Wayne is a good rapper, but will never get close to touching that number, one reason being his fan base isnt as large, and 2nd being in this day and age of the illegal downloading its rare to even see 1 million, let alone 1.5 or more.


    @ILoveDaHype_YF Reply:

    @david, Big Sean is da best!!!


  7. jt on January 7th, 2011 2:31 am

    How can C4 sell a mili and the rebirth and I am not a human being barley sold 150,000 the first week. wayne is a cool dude be he just can’t do ems numbers. The only reason C3 sold alot is because no other rappers was puttin out music at the time. Now Weezy has competition


  8. kabol on August 15th, 2011 1:04 pm

    i wish he’d sell a milli opening week with c-4, but that just aint gonna happen. and, to get facts right, c-3 sold 1.14m first week, not “1.5”. and em sold 1.76m first week with the mmlp. but that was back in 2000 and lots of sales were crazy back then. just three years later and 50’s first album didnt even pop a milli it’s first week, almost reaching 900k. i think that wayne was the last rapper to sell a milli opening week and that it’s never gonna happen again. kanye got real close with graduation, but that’s it. he’ll never sell like that again, either.


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