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DJ Khaled – Road to Victory Ep.6 Video

December 31, 2009 · Posted in Business, documentary, interview, Videos · Comment 

DJ Khaled – Road to Victory Episode 6.

“My whole goal is this; to own the charts, to have every album that come out be number 1, and just go hard from the top of the year!”

I slept on the first few videos of “Road To Victory” but this one should bring you bang up to date.

These documentary videos follow DJ Khaled during the period leading up to his latest album “Victory”. Set to be released in 2010.

In this Episode DJ Khaled meets up with Diddy to film a video for the Angels remix.

He then goes to a sneaker store and hooks up with Busta Rhymes to show off a new pair of DJ Premier sneakers. You know you have too many sneakers when you have to take photos of them and put them on the box so you know which ones you have.

Busta Rhymes also shows off his new shiny time piece (“we aint trading in nothing”).

There is also more behind the scenes footage of DJ Khalid at the video shoot for the Angels Remix with Diddy and Rick Ross.


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