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Birdman & Cortez Bryant Interview With CNN!

October 8, 2010 · Posted in interview, Videos · 1 Comment 

Cash Money boss Birdman and Young Money President/Drake’s manager Cortez Bryant talk to CNN about Lil Wayne.

They were asked if prison has changed Lil Wayne and their plans when he comes out.

Cortez Bryant talks about recording Lil Wayne’s “I Am Human Being” album before he went into jail.

Read the full I Am Not A Human Being Album Lyrics here.


One Response to “Birdman & Cortez Bryant Interview With CNN!”

  1. Taylor Leigh Tammaro on October 9th, 2010 11:12 am

    That fast paced life might have been a warning sign for the rapper/rock star of the century, Lil Wayne; in that he is today’s most coveted lyricist/rapper/artist and innovator and risk taker out there. He always faces the challenge, taking it a step further than any other rapper. His visceral drive has created a new genre of music, mixing east coast street style with west coast skater/surfer/bohemian style
    (speaking of origins). He is bringing cultures together in a way that no other rapper has in the past by effacing a contemporary counter culture kind of music that reflects the times we live in. He is the Jimmy Hendrix of the 21st century, combining his passion for rock and roll and his natural and incredibly blessed free-style. His lyrics make your head turn, they make you think, they hit a nerve that keeps on running. He is so good it’s scary and I can’t even imagine how scary it is for him sometimes. That’s why jail-time can be kind of a positive thing, because Mr. Carter has time to just chill and reflect and take a break from his other self. He definitely isn’t a human, he’s a hero, he;s the epitome of the hip-hop music world. But his alter ego is telling him that no matter what he is still a human and he owes it to himself to be one and there’s a lot of life out there and a lot of people and lot of them are inspirations as a muse for personal and creative satisfaction. He should just like come to NYC for a little bit when he gets released. You know if Lil Wayne loves rock and roll then he is in the mood for diversity and someone or something to aspire to. When I’m in New York City the sky’s the limit, aspiring to others who’ve killed it before me and together we’d kill it today.


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