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Angie Martinez Checks-In to “Take It Personal” With Cipha Sounds

March 11, 2015 · Posted in events, Uncategorized · Comments Off on Angie Martinez Checks-In to “Take It Personal” With Cipha Sounds 

Angie Martinez Cipha Sounds


A few weeks after Angie Martinez had Cipha Sounds guest-DJ her slot at Power 105, the two former fixtures at Hot 97 joined forces at Cipha’s weekly improvised comedy show “Take It Personal.”

The “kinda, sorta famous” DJ and comedian, explained how he came up with the phenomenon to his audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. Noticing the parallels between hip hop and improvised comedy – i.e. thinking quickly under pressure and freestyling off the top – Cipha infused the two to present his consistently sold-out show, featuring improvised scene work from his team A Tribe Called Yes, inspired by true stories from his weekly guests.

“Don’t have his mic louder than mine,” Angie announced upon joining Cipha on stage.

The audience – inclusive of Laura Stylez and DJ Drewski of Hot 97 –  was amped for her anecdotes, although she shamelessly admitted having no clue what she was supposed to do – hence her decision to wear sneakers, just in case she had to run off stage.

Angie was a straight up riot, having accessorized her outfit with her glass of wine, it was clear that she came through to be her authentic casual self, per usual.

After the audience agreed that they wanted Angie to tell a story about Big Pun, she recounted the first time she ate weed cookies, which just so happened to be on the air. Mid-interview, Big Pun – who Angie “sort of” considered family – mercilessly let a naïve Angie down his whole bag of cookies, since she wasn’t feeling anything after having just one.

An hour later, she asked her assistant to call the ambulance, because she saw her cartoon heart popping out of her chest and thought she was going to die.

“We didn’t call the ambulance. I didn’t want to get fired. Not over some f*cking weed cookies when I’d done way worse shit and gotten away with it,” Angie said unapologetically.

She took a hiatus from answering Pun’s calls afterward, and has yet to give cannabis cookies another shot.

A Tribe Called Yes

After A Tribe Called Yes translated Angie’s pot cookie story into a string of scenes featuring a stoned surgeon, a dysfunctional foster family and more, Angie then told us about her experience training for the NYC marathon – a feat that was on her bucket list – in only 3 months. “Before that, I couldn’t run one mile without wanting to sit down for a few minutes…and have a snack. I told myself if Puff did it in two, I could do it in three.”

Three weeks prior to the main event, Angie went out to tackle 18 miles, as indicated by her training regimen. After knocking out those 18, she couldn’t walk up until the day of the marathon.

“Okay. I had a baby. That shit hurt,” she reminded herself on race day. “No matter how much it hurts, it has to come out.” And no matter how much it did hurt, and no matter how badly she wanted to jump off the Verrazano Bridge and say “f*ck it,” Angie conquered those 26.2 miles, and lived to tell us the story.

The hilarity that ensued in the second half ranged from Cipha’s Tribesmen (and woman) running the marathon while being served an elaborate 4-course meal, to negotiations between Puff Father, Lil Caesar and White Rob at Bad Guy Records.

Angie was thoroughly satisfied, and impressed with A Tribe Called Yes’s interpretation of her stories.

“They’re so good,” she said excitedly after the show.

Piggy-backing off the mention of her bucket list mid-show, I asked The Voice of New York just what else she has on there.

“I don’t sit in an accomplishment too long. As soon as I finish an accomplishment I’m like okay what’s next…I want to dance salsa in public. That’s really true. I need to be able to speak Spanish…I’m working on it.”

Angie’s ambitions, of course, extend far beyond learning a new tongue and dance. Following being appointed PIX 11’s NBA All-Star ambassador, Angie informed us to stay tuned for more regular appearances on the channel’s programming, and to look out for the expansion of her radio empire beyond the New York market.

Her ultimate aspiration can be summed by the following:

“My goal is always to be able to be who I am, really who I am, in whatever I do.”

A Tribe Called Yes And Angie

By: Alana Johnson (@itslanaj_)

Photo credit: Ismail “Calligrafist” Sayeed (@calligrafist)


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