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Killer Review: David Sabastian – Napoleon Complex

December 26, 2012 · Posted in mixtapes, reviews, up-and-coming · Comments Off on Killer Review: David Sabastian – Napoleon Complex 

Who is David Sabastian? After creating a huge buzz around the Los Angles area with his debut video earlier this year entitled ‘Plankin On My Dick‘ he has emerged as one to watch.

The video made Fox News after the ANTi Society managed to shut down roads in Los Angeles due to the mass turn up of fans, as well as ‘Pussy Marijuana’.

Last week David Sabastian released his first mixtape ‘Napoleon Complex‘ complete with 23 tracks. The mixtape has you fiending to hear the next song and see what he will come up with next. The tape has mostly been produced by Dez Dynamic. He produced the fan favourites including Molly CyrusPlankin On My Dick as well as Only If For A Night with the apparent sample from Florence & the Machine‘s Only If For A Night.


Personally this is one my favourite mixtapes of this year. I am giving this mixtape 4/5 simply due to it’s in-genius concept as well as seeing a different side to David Sabastian. If your first impression was from Plankin On My Dick I feel that through Napoleon Complex, David will make a large impact within the rap scene. I am hoping to see more videos from Napoleon Complex very soon.

Drop your favourites below and be sure to check out Napoleon Complex.

by Harvey
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