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Ignorance Part 2: Soulja Boy Throws $15k Into Crowd

June 22, 2009 · Posted in Business, Performance, Videos · Comment 

Following on from the recent video of Plies throwing money into the crowd now it’s Soulja Boy’s turn.

Here Soulja Boy throws $15k into the crowd at the Hot 107.9 birthday bash. Now the reason I call it ignorance is because he is throwing money into the crowd not for any good cause. Don’t tell me he is giving back to his fans, that’s BS! The reason he done it was to show off and flaunt his wealth. There are a lot of hungry people in the World.

Now I respect both Plies and Soulja Boy for working hard and earning their money. However to then go and throw their money away like it is worthless is ignorant as many people are working hard to make a living. Surely a better way to dispose of their cash would be through charities and good causes. I’m sure they already do this and I’m not hating I just think that people should value what they have.

Materialism is the new poverty. Family and friends are far more enriching to your life than money. My preaching is over, now back to real hip hop!

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