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You’re Killin’ Me: “She Will” Thieves

August 23, 2011 · Posted in beef, news · 11 Comments 


Why are there two other songs with the same exact beat as Lil Wayne’s “She Will“? How did they get the beat? Did T-Minus produce it? At this point like many of you, I have more questions than answers. I’ve tried contacting Gramz and J-Lie, but nobody wants to talk. So I’ll assume, T-Minus produced the beat, and that somehow these guys unknowingly took the beat. Whoever took this beat and sold it away, you’re killin’ me. If you’re calling Lil Wayne a thief, you’re killin’ me.

Here’s J-Lie’s version. According to him “Letting Go” was recorded 5 months ago, which would be in March. This video was uploaded to YouTube on August 11, 2011, a day before Wayne officially released “She Will”. I like the way J-Lie handled the situation though. Most rappers would diss Wayne, but he doesn’t. I can tell that he isn’t doing this for attention either, he’s just letting the world know. But this situation is still killin’ me.

And here’s Gramz’ version, uploaded to YouTube on February 11, 2011. This is a pretty good version if you ask me. Gramz much like J-Lie doesn’t create too much drama, he doesn’t call Wayne out. He even tries to resolve the issue with T-Minus over twitter. But, the fact that Gramz has this beat kills me.

What leads me to believe that these beats were stolen is that T-Minus is not mentioned in the credits. If you have a major producer like T-Minus produce a track for you, you’re going to let everybody know. I am not necessarily saying J-Lie or Gramz stole the beat; I believe that they were somehow stolen from T-Minus then given to J-Lie and Gramz. But, if you’re in possession of stolen property, under the law you’re a thief.

J-Lie and Gramz, you’re killin’ me.

Those of you who are calling Wayne a thief, you’re also killin’ me. Wayne legally obtained this beat from the legal owner, T-Minus. How does that make him a thief? I’m also aware that Weezy was recently sued over the beat for “How To Love“, once again it’s not Wayne’s fault. He bought the beat, and these producers did him wrong. While I’m at it, Drummer Boyz, you’re killin’ me. I thought Detail produced the beat though? Producers have to quit with all this shady business. It’ll be interesting to see if anybody files any lawsuits over “She Will”.

Written by: @QuezKHH

PS. This is the 11th installment of “You’re Killin’ Me”. Thanks for all of the support thus far, and thanks for all of the love you’ve showed me on twitter. But, actions speak louder than words. So, to celebrate and thank all of the great fans of KillerHipHop, I will be dropping two YKM’s in one day. You can call this an early Christmas present. Thanks for all of the support! Here’s the other YKM. Enjoy.


11 Responses to “You’re Killin’ Me: “She Will” Thieves”

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  2. edison on August 23rd, 2011 4:18 am

    wow that just comes to show u. whos relly artistic and creative and whos not. Wayne doesnt produce beats but kanye produces beat and lays bars. Now who is the better artist overall.


    SHADBANKS Reply:

    its best RAPPER ALIVE not best PRODUCER…. get it right pronto


    aaron Reply:

    @SHADBANKS, Neither are in the top 5. Eminem is the best rapper alive/ all time


  3. shade on August 23rd, 2011 4:34 am

    man wayne and cash money are gettin sued all the time…its crazy lol
    they got to ask those producers if they sold the beat to anyone b4 buyin them lol…smh at the producers


  4. Tyler on August 23rd, 2011 6:09 am

    wayne needs to invest in some producers and sign them.


  5. Tyler on August 23rd, 2011 6:11 am

    how can you call gramz a thief if his video was uploaded 6 months before wayne even recorded it. what proof is there that T-Minus even produced it? with all of this sketchiness, where can you start that you know for sure?


    Quez Reply:

    Great point Tyler. T-minus has stated that the “She Will” beat was recorded way before Gramz’ video. T-minus is a big time producer, I doubt that he’s going to ruin his reputation by stealing a beat. No other producer has stepped up and taken credit for producing this beat. Neither Gramz or J-Lie have said who produced the beat either. That’s why I believe T-minus produced the beat. If “tyler” produced the “She Will” beat and this was happening, what would you do? You would immediately go on WorldStar and take credit for this beat, right? Nobody except T-Minus has stepped up and taken credit for this beat.

    Im not necessarily saying that Gramz or J-Lie stole this beat either. When the police catches you driving a stolen car, and you didn’t steal it, what are the cops going to say, you’re a thief. Its just the way it goes.

    I’d love to talk to these guys, but no one has replied. So until then, T-Minus produced the beat, someone took it from him, and somehow Gramz and J-lie ended up with it.


  6. iHate on August 23rd, 2011 9:29 pm

    This beat is wack. You gotta be stupid to risk your career for it.


  7. Perry on August 24th, 2011 7:56 am

    sorry wayne killed your beat more than you did


  8. Fato on August 28th, 2011 6:09 am

    Yal muthafuckas wayne beefers.yal go fuck fireballs.wayne aint no stealin beat.he is the best while others follow nd t minus kul comment


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