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You’re Killin’ Me: Gucci Mane

October 18, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 1 Comment 

Gucci, you’re killin’ me mane. Your thirst for drama and attention can’t be any more annoying. True, your beef with Jeezy goes way back and I’m sure you hate him, but why bring his name up right before dropping a tape? The way you constantly fill up blogs with unwarranted Jeezy disses is somewhat shameful. To make matters worse, and to get more attention, you chose to throw T.I. and Keyshia Cole’s name into the mix? Who’s next on your “people I need to name drop to get attention” list? Eminem? Like Tip would say, tweefin’ ain’t in the G code champ. Trap God, you’re a drama queen and you’re killin’ me.

You guys are going to kill me for this statement, but I think Gucci could easily get on his 2 Chainz and crank out street anthem after street anthem like he was doing before he went to jail. But Quez, Kendrick Lamar would kill his stuffy-nose elementary rhymes. Yes, but Lamar isn’t in the ATL trap rap scene. As far as trap rap goes, Gucci is one of the top dawgs. The point is, this whole beef drama is more of a distraction than an attention getter. It’s not good marketing to begin with.

Taunting T.I. with, “T.I. can get it too.” is just foolish. T.I. couldn’t care less about a beef right now. Gucci is just reaching trying to get some DL’s for his tape. Then he also name dropped Keyshia Cole on the horrible “Truth.” Once again, Gucci is reaching and it looks like he doesn’t even care about disguising it a bit. Who is he going to diss next?

I understand that Gucci Mane probably has an eternal hate for Young Jeezy given that Jeezy allegedly tried to kill him after a dispute over the rights of “So Icy.” Gucci ended up killing one of the attackers but charges against him were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. But for the last few years, the Gucci-Jeezy rivalry has been fairly dormant. They even worked on a track together! It’s too much of a coincidence for Gucci to bring it up again a week before dropping his Trap God mixtape. It’s like The Breakfast Club reminded him, “Oh yeah, I don’t like Jeezy. I should diss him to get attention.”

Gucci Mane’s street “cred” is somewhat indisputable compared to other rappers in the game. Even so, I think this fiasco with Young Jeezy is hurting his status amongst trap listeners. People who didn’t listen to Gucci will keep scrolling over his tracks. But fans, especially new Jeezy fans, will also follow in the non-Gucci fan footsteps. Fans can see all of the cosmetics on this beef. The Trap God is acting like a drama queen with these disses coming out of left field, or east Atlanta in this case. Gucci Mane, you’re killin’ me.

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One Response to “You’re Killin’ Me: Gucci Mane”

  1. Oyeme on October 18th, 2012 4:25 pm

    It’s an advertismtent…it’s just a business.. after few months they will be friends.
    What do you want to hear from us?


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