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Video: Wax Unplugged – “Jukebox”

September 12, 2012 · Posted in Music, Videos · Comment 

This guy is a creative mastermind. Wax has been releasing his Unplugged web series via DJ Booth/Earmilk, and here we catch him spittin rhymes, beltin out hooks, and strummin chords all while reminiscing over the good ol’ days of the “Jukebox.” He rants about protocol at the clubs, i.e. shelling out dough for obnoxiously inflated prices of alcohol, and to hear a DJ that sucks…not to mention the infamous front door discrimination. If you’re a friend of his summoning him to the club, Wax will pass.

The former Def Jam representative had only been with the label about a year before petitioning for release due to creative differences. The DMV/SoCal spitter speaks on his talents:

I’m the most versatile mother f*cker you’ve seen in your life, musical Swiss army knife. Son, I rock mics, beats and f*ckin acoustics, Wax, I make fire like the rubbin of 2 sticks.

You gotta love an artist with integrity. Indie or not, Big Wax has a faithful army of supporters. Check him out singing of the long-lost “Jukebox” above.

Hear Wax speak on the split from Def Jam here.



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