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Video: Common Performs An Off The Dome Freestyle In Atlanta

January 21, 2012 · Posted in freestyle, Videos · 6 Comments 

Common was in the Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta earlier tonight where he performed a new freestyle based on some cue cards that were shown to him.

“People keep wanting me to diss Canada Dry”

One of the cards showed the word “Canada” and Common made a reference to Drake from his Stay Schemin Remix.


6 Responses to “Video: Common Performs An Off The Dome Freestyle In Atlanta”

  1. Praverb on January 21st, 2012 6:04 am

    Common is a true emcee. Most rappers would be embarrassed to spit off the top.


    Illadelph_meekmill Reply:

    @Praverb, yea common wasn’t dissing drake for attention at all.. seriously check commons tag and look at how many times he was mentioned on this site before sweet


    MosDef Reply:

    @Illadelph_meekmill, wait. So because khh didn’t mention common that means he’s not a true emcee? I mean khh did make take care number 1 album of the year. Theyre a pretty mainstream site if u ask me. So why bother checking the tags? Last time I checked khh was on drakes dick especially after that 1v1h.


    Geez Reply:

    Lmao. This hatin ass nigga again.
    Nigga did not hear of Common before the Drake diss.
    This is a site that does what they can from what they hear. Don’t like it. Gtfo.
    There are plenty of other HipHop Sites where Drake’s album is in the Top 3 that you can hate on too.

  2. Don't Trip on January 21st, 2012 9:16 am

    i guess gotta give respect for the freestyle but didnt have much flow


  3. Omg Lol on January 21st, 2012 6:52 pm

    This site is into mainstream.. Let them do what they do. @Praverb @Geez Y’all are on some bullshit thinking Common isn’t a true emcee.. KHH isn’t into underground sadly, so of course they won’t even bother with old emcees and upcoming emcees.. That’s why you hardly see any posts with The Roots, Evidence, Mobb Deep, Saigon, etc. I agree with MosDef that they are on Drake’s dick tho. Hip-Hop heads know Drake is trash. KHH saying Drake is Hip-Hop got y’all believing (Quez said so I believe) Drake is nowhere near Hip-Hop at this moment. YMCMB is Hip-POP. Common is Hip-Hop. That’s how it should be viewed.


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