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Trey Songz Explains Why He Dissed R-Kelly On DOA Remix

June 10, 2009 · Posted in interview · Comment 

Trey Songz calls into a radio station to explain why he dissed R-Kelly (Kels) on the Death of auto-tune remix.

The main reason he dissed Kels is because he is “a huge fan” of Kels and was disappointed that he put out a “mixtape is flooded with auto-tune”.

Trey Songz Quotes from the interview:

“I’m a die hard R-Kelly fan”.
“Maybe he needs someone to put a lil fire under him”.
“It’s all for the love of creativity”.
“He may need to get in the gym and get his chops back”.

I think this is a smart move by Trey Songz to get some extra publicity by jumping on the hottest track of the moment (DOA) and by dissing his main competitor R-Kelly.

Well, it has worked well so far because he is getting publicity on this blog and many other blogs as well as on Twitter and in the news. Nice publicity stunt Trey.

If you haven’t heard the song you can listen here: Trey Songz Diss R Kelly on DOA with lyrics


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