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You’re Killin’ It: Drake

October 22, 2012 · Posted in editorial, You're Killin' It · 46 Comments 

Yo YKM has a twin! Like most twins, one is good while the other is a bit more mischievous. I’m sure you know which one YKM is, and I’m sure you can guess  what’s coming. You’re Killin’ It, You’re Killin’ Me’s good twin. YKI is here to save the world and point out the positive aspects of hip-hop, because believe it or not, there are a lot. Most of the time good deeds go unnoticed because they lack excitement. Nobody goes ham over another rapper donating $100,000 to charity or building a skate park for troubled youth. Nevertheless, positivity needs more shine. During the opening installment of You’re Killin’ It, we have Drake graduating high school. It might not mean much to some of us personally, but it sends a positive message to those who look up to him. We can’t hate on that. Mr. Drake, you’re killin’ it.

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