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Nobody Cares Like It’s J. Cole-Diggy

September 20, 2012 · Posted in editorial · 13 Comments 

Childish Gambino wasn’t lying. Nobody cared about round 1, nobody will care about round 2. At least we know why Diggy chose to name his album Unexpected Arrival. He knows how to unexpectedly arrive. This Monday, he arrived with yet another J. Cole diss. Apparently little brother is still mad at J. Cole for making a pass at his big sister. If you remember, this whole ordeal started when J. Cole allegedly spoke about Diggy’s sister on “Purple Rain” with lines like, “gave a n*gga dome while her father gave a sermon,” and “when remmy Rev called she just ignore him.” In return, Diggy hit J. Cole with his first official diss titled “What You Say To Me.” Everyone went crazy but eventually all the heat died down. Cole spoke about squashing the beef and putting this fiasco with Diggy in the past. But last week, Cole chose to put life back in this beef by throwing a few jabs at Diggy. On Monday, Diggy responded with jabs of his own. Together they took this rotten beef out of the trash and into the dinner table. Now that’s just nasty. They should’ve left that rotten beef in the trash. Nobody wants that. Cole & Diggy should’ve quit after round 1.

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New Music: Diggy – Fall Down (J. Cole Diss)

September 17, 2012 · Posted in beef, Music · 21 Comments 


I hope you’re ready for round 2 because here we go again. Young Diggy Simmons wasn’t feeling J. Cole’s recent rhymes in N.C., so he went into the booth and countered with his own set of jabs.

You used to have dreams of my big sister kissin’ ya. Now it’s nightmares of a little brother dissin’ ya.

Premiered by The Breakfast Club. CDQ courtesy of DDot.
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Video: Diggy – New God Flow (Freestyle)

July 30, 2012 · Posted in Music, Videos · Comments Off on Video: Diggy – New God Flow (Freestyle) 

Diggy is back in the booth after dropping his debut album last March. Simmons goes in over Kanye West & Pusha T’s “New God Flow.” Video directed by Clifton Bell.

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Video: Diggy Talks Squashing Beef With J. Cole

July 7, 2012 · Posted in interview, Videos · 2 Comments 

Well Diggy certainly grew up fast. After a somewhat immature diss track directed at J. Cole, the young MC now tells GlobalGrind about how he and Cole settled their differences. Rest assured, everything is cole cool between Diggy and J. Cole.

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Video: Diggy – 4 Letter Word

May 23, 2012 · Posted in Music, Videos · Comments Off on Video: Diggy – 4 Letter Word 

Diggy – 4 Letter Word Official Music Video.

Off Diggy’s debut album Unexpected Arrival. Directed by Phil.

Video: Diggy – Two Up

May 12, 2012 · Posted in Music, Videos · 1 Comment 

Mr. Diggy Simmons puts one up in support of his debut album, Unexpected Arrival. Clifton Bell behind the camera.

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