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Sway Interviews Eminem & Slaughterhouse On Shade 45

August 10, 2012 · Posted in interview, Videos · 10 Comments 


Eminem and Slaughterhouse turned up to Sway’s Shade 45 radio show for an interview before the release of their mixtape and upcoming album, welcome to: Our House. Album is due out on August 28.

They spoke about their recording process and previewed a new track “Goodbye” produced by Boi-1da.


10 Responses to “Sway Interviews Eminem & Slaughterhouse On Shade 45”

  1. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:12 am

    sway said it all. thank you eminem, Marshall M. THE best rapper period. one of the best record label owners and producers and a role model too.
    please keep it up and don’t sell out to the fame
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE the realest in rap
    ps thanks for dropping the song on this interview its dope.


  2. Riggs on August 10th, 2012 7:48 am

    GREAT interview. Funny and very clear with their answer. I like the song. Deep. Can’t wait for the album.

    AND they didn’t mention MMG, YM, or anyone else. They said TDE. now I can’t wait for Kendrick.

    Thank you lord for Dr. Dre, without him there wouldn’t be a Eminem: no slaughterhouse/shady album: and a Kendrick Lamar release.

    Aftermath gets the last laugh


  3. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:53 am

    if dre hadnt “found” eminem someone else would’ve
    and if no one else would have pierce morgan would have

    thank the lord dr dre hasnt released an album in years… forreal seriously


  4. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:54 am

    eminem made dre’s career what it is today. not the other way around


    Curt Reply:

    @SIEGE, I don’t think either one would be where they are if not for each other


  5. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:54 am

    tell me i’m wrong and i will slap your mom


  6. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:55 am

    if you agree argue with me if u disagree dont reply


  7. SIEGE on August 10th, 2012 7:55 am



  8. X on August 10th, 2012 9:46 am

    Reminds me of ‘Move On Remix’


  9. Immortal on August 10th, 2012 10:30 am

    Great interview nd these guys to funny. Need the lyrics to Goodbye. Wish they had a track with TDE, but there’s 3 eminem features so thats good.


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