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Soulja Boy Replies to Bow Wow – Says His Car Was Rented!

April 30, 2009 · Posted in Cars, Videos · Comment 

This is the third video to come out in the beef between Soulja Boy and Bow Wow.

Soulja boy saw Bow Wow’s response in the Lambo Murcielago and claims the car was a rental. He also bites back and says that the doors don’t go up because it’s a convertible.

This would hurt Bow Wow hard if it was a rental. In the first video Soulja boy challenges Bow Wow to a race for his Lamborghini Gallardo.

However, not one to back down Bow Wow responds with his Lambo Murcielago and accepts the challenge to race. This seems to be an ongoing feud between two young, rich rappers to see who has the most money and best car.

No doubt Bow Wow will respond again. Check back soon for any further updates.


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