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Rostrum Records Responds To Lord Finesse

July 14, 2012 · Posted in news · 1 Comment 

As we previously reported, Lord Finesse is suing Mac Miller, his label Rostrum Records, and Lord Finesse alleges that  Mac Miller illegally profited off  “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza,” which sampled “Hip 2 Da Game.” The record label has now released a statement addressing the situation. Rostrum Records defend themselves by saying that they never sold the song on iTunes, credited Lord Finesse for the track, and they also claim to have cracked down on pirates distributing the song illegally. Furthermore, they stand by Mac Miller and plan to fight this case. Read the full statement below.

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There have been a lot of misstatements online and in the press, so we thought it’d be best to make some brief comments. First and foremost, we stand by Mac Miller in this situation and we will fight the case together with him. Mac never pretended that the “Hip 2 Da Game” beat was his, despite what’s being said in the suit. Lord Finesse was given credit on both the video and the mixtape from the very beginning. We’ve never distributed “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for sale on iTunes and have consistently policed digital retailers and other sites to make sure that no pirates were ever illegally selling the song. Lord Finesse has known about “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for a long time and never objected to the use. For some reason, he has very recently changed his mind. We look forward to resolving this issue soon, and we appreciate all of the support that we have been receiving from the entire music community. Thank you, Rostrum Records.


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  1. nike001 on July 16th, 2012 5:17 am

    IIRC, this isn’t the first beat that Mac used without asking and/or giving credit to whom it was taken from. I believe theres a YouTube video on it where the producer confronted Mac about it and Mac said he didn’t know whose it was.


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