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REVIEW: Mac Miller Album Preview Show – Plan B, Brixton London (10th June 2013)

June 13, 2013 · Posted in reviews · Comments Off on REVIEW: Mac Miller Album Preview Show – Plan B, Brixton London (10th June 2013) 


With the doors opening a little after 7.30pm, Brixton’s Plan B quickly filled with eager fans awaiting Mac Miller and The Internet. With the DJ spinning a variety of songs from the past 2 decades ranging from Notorious B.I.G. to RiFF RAFF, the crowd was ready. The Internet took to the stage around 9pm and Mac Miller followed suit a few minutes later to deafening roars from his fans.

Mac opened the show with the lead single from his album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, SDS, with the Flying Lotus produced beat ringing off the walls. The crowds were heavily into this track with Mac Miller rhyming word for word at some points.

Although Mac Miller did later go on to tell his fans he would not be performing songs from his extensive back catalogue due to time constraints, to show love to his grassroots fans that were present, Mac went into the fan favorite Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza off his K.I.D.S mixtape at which point the crowd immediately got even more hyped than before with the sea of snapbacks bouncing along to the beat. After performing that, Miller decided to borrow an electric guitar from The Internet and strummed a few chords before going into another fan favorite, Best Day Ever but rather than stick to the traditional version, Mac breaks it down and harmonizes over guitar chords with the atmosphere changing immediately into a high energy guitar solo from Mac.

Mac then went back into scheduled programming and performed a track he said serves as an introduction to Watching Movies With The Sound Off, a track called The Star Room. Miller goes onto perform a song which samples Flava Flav’s classic ‘Yeah Boy!’, and has flows for days on this song. After joking with the crowd as to why rappers interact with fans at shows and catching his breath, Mac goes onto perform another new cut from his album Bird Call and then raps the timeless theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air over the instrumental from the band. The atmosphere is immediately changed as Mac Miller goes into Watching Movies (Prod. by Mac Miller’s alter ego Larry Fisherman and SAP), as a party like atmosphere is turned dark and edgy with strobe lights flashing completing the mood.

As Mac Miller goes into the 9th track of the night, weed smoke is abundant and goes on to perform the ScHoolboy Q assisted Gees (produced by Chuck Inglish). Mac then decides to tell the fans present the story behind the next song, a track called REMember, a song dedicate to a friend who recently passed away. The whole mood of the show is changed from hype to a calmer feel with the fans paying attention to every last word Mac Miller sung with mellow guitar chords.

Again, going into his back catalogue briefly, Mac performs the Lil Wayne collaboration The Question off of his Macadelic mixtape with the crowd vibing hard to this one. Back into this new album, Mac Miller performs his collaboration with The Internet, Objects In The Mirror (produced by Pharrell) and abruptly leaves the stage.

After loud chants from a crowd yelling ‘one more song’, The Internet take to the stage and perform an introduction as Mac Miller jumps back on stage and promises the crowd, not one but two songs as an encore, in his words “as a treat” accompanied by a couple of his friends, one who introduces himself as “Lil Turn Up”, Mac Miller gets hype and performs what may have been a freestyle (possibly entitled Goddamn). And again, despite saying he wouldn’t be performing his older songs, Mac Miller goes into one of his most popular songs, Donald Trump with the building erupting in cheers and shouts of the lyrics at some points, drowning out Mac Millers vocals. After finishing up the song, Mac drops the mic and leaves the stage.

One thing is for sure, Watching Movies With The Sound Off shows a lot of progression from his first studio album Blue Slide Park and older Mac Miller fans will not be disappointed, nor will his new fans as this album delivers.

Review by @GVNDMusic


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