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Review: A$AP Rocky Performs At 02 Academy Brixton (May 2013)

May 28, 2013 · Posted in Performance, reviews · 1 Comment 


The atmosphere it seemed was eagerly anticipating the star of the show, as the opening acts (members of the A$AP Mob) bowed off the stage. After what seemed like a half hour wait, the lights cut out, pitch black! The crowd erupted, as they knew who was coming.

“Suddenly”… Flacko could be heard but not seen. His words echoed throughout, as he began to build up what was going to be a most epic introduction. Darkness still throughout the arena, though glints of light glowing from phones and cameras clutched by fans. “you my brother, you my kin, f*ck the color of your skin” The curtains shot up and all hell broke loose.

The 24 year old Harlem rapper made it clear from the get-go; this was not going to be a show: but a party that no one would forget anytime soon!

A$AP Rocky, known for his total disregard of venue regulations, demanded his spectators to follow in his footsteps. As stipulated in the O2 Brixton Academy Regulations “Crowd surfing, smoking within the venue, the throwing of drinks and any other behaviour deemed as inappropriate whilst inside the venue will result in ejection from the premises without a refund.” Well if that was the case then there would have been no one left in the venue by the end of the night, including Rocky himself.

“Everything is Purple” was the theme of the night. Flacko brought a hint of bougie’ness to a town that is considered to be London’s Harlem: white drapes décor and an enormous crystal chandelier hung above the centre of the stage.


Rocky did not disappoint his fans, both old and new. He delivered hit after hit, from both his debut album: Long.Live.A$AP, and also his mixtape: Live.Love.A$AP; which is responsible for his sudden rise to fame and glory. Most notable performances were that of ‘Goldie’, ‘F*ckin Problems’, ‘Peso’, “Purple Swag’ and his latest dubstep banger “Wild for the Night”.


As promised, Rocky did eventually dive into the crowd, however not before warning them. “If you try to grab my chain I will punch you in the face!” To some this may seem a little excessive, however, last year Rocky was unfortunate to have his $15,000 Rolex stolen while he was submerged in the crowd at Camden’s Electric Ballroom. Luckily the watch was recovered. As such it only seems precautionary to let the crowd know their boundaries.


It was fair to say there was more than a few “nutters” enjoying themselves in the music. There were large factions of people moshing, and others just running rampant in their own worlds “skanking” with no control what so ever.


Overall it must be said, A$AP Rocky knows how to put on a great performance, and please his audience. Saying they were hyped would be an understatement. There’s nothing negative that can be said about the night, although I did hope he would perform “1 Train” as it is one of my favourites off the album. All I can say is I hope Flacko continues to stay true to himself with the music he makes and that he returns to London sooner rather than later!

Review by: Gov Tank


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  1. Ilda on October 13th, 2013 3:12 pm

    ahhhh it was the best night of my life! Mad.


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