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Remembering September 11th: Jay-Z’s “Answer the Call” concert, 9/11/09

September 11, 2012 · Posted in editorial · Comment 

It’s been 11 years. Year after year on this day there are the “specials” (if you can even call it that) on TV. There are the articles online, in the paper, and the centerfold’s in the magazines. Every year we’re reminded of the tragic events that took place on this day. We’re reminded that on that day, Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, that we weren’t invincible. Even at a young age, a time where our biggest fears were the dark, or being socially accepted in school, we were scared. The fear in the face of our teachers, parents, the people who were supposed to be the ones to console us, showed that this was big. Real big. No matter how much we didn’t understand what was going on, it changed our lives forever.

Everyone remembers where they were for their first kiss, their first goal, touchdown, or concert. The moments that were big to us at that point in our lives, whether the importance of it changes as life goes on, is something that we never forget. We know this from the stories we grow up listening to from our parents and grandparents. We heard them a million times, never really being able to put ourselves into their shoes. Therefore, we never really cared. Times change, people change, but the past doesn’t. What we didn’t realize as we sat there rolling our eyes through their stories, was how these occurrences in their life, shaped who they are today. Not only did it shape them, but somewhere down the line it also shaped you.

September 11th, 2001 is a story we are going to tell our children and grandchildren for as long as we live. Painting the picture as vivid as it is imprinted in our minds. Because not only did that change our lives forever, it also changed theirs. That’s why we’re reminded of this day every year. September 11th is not a day to mourn, or just to remember the ones we lost. It’s to celebrate their life and remind us how precious it is. Life comes in a big box marked “fragile” because at any moment it can shatter. Remind the ones you love daily that you love them. Show them your appreciation, and enjoy the small things in life. Sometimes we get so caught up in today’s fast paced society that we forget to enjoy what we already have.

God Bless America.

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