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Nobody Cares Like It’s J. Cole-Diggy

September 20, 2012 · Posted in editorial · 13 Comments 

Childish Gambino wasn’t lying. Nobody cared about round 1, nobody will care about round 2. At least we know why Diggy chose to name his album Unexpected Arrival. He knows how to unexpectedly arrive. This Monday, he arrived with yet another J. Cole diss. Apparently little brother is still mad at J. Cole for making a pass at his big sister. If you remember, this whole ordeal started when J. Cole allegedly spoke about Diggy’s sister on “Purple Rain” with lines like, “gave a n*gga dome while her father gave a sermon,” and “when remmy Rev called she just ignore him.” In return, Diggy hit J. Cole with his first official diss titled “What You Say To Me.” Everyone went crazy but eventually all the heat died down. Cole spoke about squashing the beef and putting this fiasco with Diggy in the past. But last week, Cole chose to put life back in this beef by throwing a few jabs at Diggy. On Monday, Diggy responded with jabs of his own. Together they took this rotten beef out of the trash and into the dinner table. Now that’s just nasty. They should’ve left that rotten beef in the trash. Nobody wants that. Cole & Diggy should’ve quit after round 1.

J. Cole won’t respond to Diggy’s new track, but I do know he was dissing Diggy in North Carolina. “Picture me hatin’ on a young n*gga with talent,” obviously talks about Diggy. Jermaine has acknowledged Diggy’s talent in the past, and well, he’s a young n*gga. What other young n*ggas have beef with J. Cole? Plus it alludes to what everyone always talks about, how is J. Cole going to diss a kid? Although he called Diggy talented, it’s still a diss. Like you’re a good rapper compared to 50 Tyson. Compliment, right?

Then there’s the, “album flopped but it’s cool. He just caked up on his allowance.” Diggy’s debut album, Unexpected Arrival, is undoubtedly a flop. “He just caked up on his allowance,” is in reference to Diggy’s rich family. He’s the son of Rev. Run from Run DMC so the kid thinks he owns the world with the allowance he gets. These lines can only fit Diggy. How many young rappers out there with “allowances” have beef with Cole? Lil Chuckee? Lil Twist? Lil Mouse? It’s Diggy.

After the diss, what was Diggy supposed to do? Just kick his feet up? That’s why y’all hate Drake and all these other rappers right? They never respond? They’re chickens. Well, Diggy is no chicken. Cole threw a jab, and Diggy countered. What’s wrong with that? It’s hip-hop.

It kills me how J. Cole throws jabs knowing that he won’t respond because, well, he’s a kid. He hides behind the “kid” defense although nobody in hip-hop has a problem with dissing kids. Well, unless it’s “J .Cole-Diggy,” then everybody is up in arms about child dissing. Screw this double standard. Diggy isn’t even a kid. He’s going to be an adult in March and he’s a few months older than Chief Keef and nobody has a problem dissing Chief Keef. I know y’all probably forgot, but remember when 50 year-old Ice-T was dissing 18 year-old Soulja Boy? Nobody had a problem with that. I could understand if J. Cole was dissing Lil Mouse, but Diggy is almost 18. I think we’re all used to seeing Diggy in pajamas watching cartoons on Run’s House. The way he’s marketed to a younger audience also makes him seem younger, but he’s almost 18! He’s diss-able. Stop hiding Jermaine.

Cole, if you’re going to throw jabs, be prepared to counter. Don’t use the “Diggy is a kid” excuse. You obviously have no problem throwing subliminal jabs at a kid? And Diggy, you put yourself in a lose-lose situation and the diss tracks don’t really help. In the end, nobody cares ’cause it’s J. Cole Diggy, ha. This thing is going to die out faster than a Future fan trying to say SpottieOttieDopaliscious. Nobody really wants to mess with Hollywood Cole for more than a couple diss tracks anyways.

Written by @QuezKHH, like me on facebook.


13 Responses to “Nobody Cares Like It’s J. Cole-Diggy”

  1. no on September 20th, 2012 9:42 pm

    2 pussies squirting on eachother doesn’t make beef….


  2. sampz on September 20th, 2012 10:17 pm

    Fuck the beef. J cole needs to release some music. Yes I no he released song last week but I have nearly forgot about him. Big sean and meek mill made bigger impact that j cole. Where’s this fool hiding?


    Luminous Story Reply:

    @sampz, Are you serious? Lmao. How are you going to forget an artist just because he doesn’t release music… Some fans wait over 5 years to hear new music from their favorite artists. Y’all bitches can’t take 2 days without wanting a new song.
    By the way, J. Cole > Big Sean and Meek Mill. Big Sean flopped and Meek Mill has been garbage.


    sampz Reply:

    @Luminous Story,

    Wow sounds like I hurt your feelings lol. Its sarcasm if I had forgot about him you think I would waste my time commenting on this post. Unlike most you fools I only comment when I am interested or like the artist involved. Don’t have time to hate.

    Where is the evidence that j cole is better than big sean or meek mill?? Big sean been droppin mixtapes and new songs. Meek mill been droppin mixtapes and new songs. J cole… Has been getting dissed by diggy. You getting my point? Don’t come at me saying it don’t matter if he been making music or not. That’s like saying it wouldn’t matter if kobe stopped scoring points or if messi stopped scoring goals. That’s his craft. If he cares about the fans he would satisfy the fans.


    B.J Reply:

    ur stupid if u think a rapper is better just because he drops new songs all the time. btw cole been dropping heat since his debut….just not oversaturating his music like other niggas.

    sampz Reply:

    Well he could atleast drop a mixtape or something. I aint hardly heard anything decent to talk about since sideline story. Weezy just got j coles buzz back. How much longer are you gonna wait till he drops something? I rate work ethic. J cole doesn’t deserve for me to go and buy his album. He hasn’t made enough music in my eyes. Whether u like the music or not why u think wayne sells so much? Coz the nigga lives in the studio that’s why. Weezy fans are never disapointed or let down.

  3. The Royal One on September 20th, 2012 11:09 pm

    I don’t give a fuck about this beef meaning I’m not siding with none of them.

    Diggy to me should leave rap alone & go apply for that 106 & Park open spot to host or convince his dad to bring back “Run’s House”.

    J.Cole needs to drop some more quality music. That Sideline story should of been Sidelined in the shelf of the executives office because it was a below average debut album. Also since J.Cole doesn’t have any star power quality & being shy for anyone to constantly talk about, he falls under the radar a lot.


  4. DreamVille20 on September 21st, 2012 2:47 am

    Though Cole took shots at Diggy in that freestyle I don’t think it was an intentional. I think he was just acknowledging that everyone wanted him to diss Diggy after what you say to me. So he said picture me hating on a young nigga with talent. And yeah Diggys album was a disgrace and a flop and yeah Diggy def was stacking his “allowance” since his fam got money so it’s not like cole said anything that wasn’t obvious.


  5. B.J on September 21st, 2012 3:58 am

    what subliminal jabs? lmao niggas are sooo sensitive these days. he called diggy a “young nigga with talent” and then said his album flopped which it did but then said it dont matter cuz he “caked up on his allowance” which he is. whats the big deal???diggy took it so personal. And no matter what ppl say Cole responding to diggy is NOT a good look. Cole’s on a different level mainstream wise and lyrical wise. it doesnt benefit him at all. niggas are just craving beef. Its funny too cuz what j cole said sounds like more of a shout out than a diss.


  6. IMSUPERCOLD on September 21st, 2012 3:23 pm

    the pixels with dis photo are too big


  7. Chris on September 21st, 2012 5:17 pm

    On J.coles song “Grew Up Fast” he says ” You more diggy…me- im more biggie”…J cole obviously is talking shit on diggy but good. fuck diggy and all the other fake rappers who make money off swag/autotune and bullshit


  8. deyna on September 23rd, 2012 12:11 am

    *to the author*
    Everyone considers diggy a kid because we introduced to both him AND his music on Rev Run’s show…and that was when he was a kid.

    Unlike disney stars that grow up to send half nude photos of themselves to their boyfriends or get charged for DUI’s Diggy has kept his innocence. He hasn’t done anything stupid than try to diss J. Cole and he arguably had reason to. He’ll probably always be considered a kid unless he gets ridiculously hot and/or starts acting grown up – moving out, partying etc. Look how long it too everyone to consider BowWow an adult when he dropped the “lil” from his name.


  9. Kassayy123 on September 24th, 2012 1:11 am

    If J.Cole didn’t wanna start back up the beef he should not have put those lines in his freestyle..

    As far as Diggy..I chose Diggy over J.Cole any day,but Diggy needs to quit focusing on the low lifes and keep making music..


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