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NEWS: KillerHipHop is Upgrading it’s Server Once Again!

December 11, 2009 · Posted in Business · Comment 

“He who moves not forward, goes backward!”

Hey Peeps,

KillerHipHop will be upgrading it’s server in order to handle all you great people at the same time!

Most of you won’t notice it but the changeover will happen on Saturday (12th Dec) and there might be a few slow periods. Please drop any comments if you notice any bugs or glitches.

This upgrade should make the site faster and enable me to add more great features in the future (try saying that fast – features, future….)

I want to thank everyone who has visited the site so far and all the regular supporters. I truly appreciate all the great comments. I love reading what everyone has to say and I’m grateful for all the help.

This website would not be what it is without you guys and girls.

Killerhiphop will keep going as long as you guys keep visiting. Check back daily for more banging hip hop tunes and fresh lyrics.


PS – Top quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. While I’m here let me drop another quote: “No Ceilings muthaf-ckerrrrrrrrrrrr!” Haha


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