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New Upcoming Artist: Timmy Titus

September 12, 2011 · Posted in Music, upcoming · 1 Comment 

Timmy Titus, the name might have a funny sound to it but the kid spits bars and has a great flow for an up and coming. His voice and persona kind of reminds you of two successful rappers out now. Can you guess who?

He comes from the suburban streets of Bergen County in New Jersey. Currently on his J. Cole flow by finishing college and grinding till he gets his chance to rise. His crew is called ZooTroop and he is currently finishing up his second mixtape called, “The Odyssey” which is set to release September 19th exclusively on His first mixtape has over 800 downloads and can be download via DatPiff.

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Check out Timmy Titus – Elevator Music Lyrics and another video of Timmy Titus featuring ZooTroop’s Richie Stacks freestyling after the jump.

(Verse One)
It’s The Bergen county bandit,
I plan to leave the planet after I proceed to leave it in a panic
Real. Life. Real. Ni**a. Reactions
And u don’t know Jack son, u Sum thin’ like Janet
Dammit. I’m just outright outlandish.
And all my clothes zoo troop branded.
(And i)
Kick Game Dirty like public Transit
Leaving haters on the bench where I know they can’t stand it
Im a G motherf-ckkaa, Believe mothaf-cka
Paitin pictures, And my rhymes HD mothaf-cka
(But uhh)
this motion picture is Live.
And It’s hard Vision that’s as Vivid as mine
So rehearse and retry to keep your Thoughts in line.
Kinda how a chiropractor would Position your spine.
Hahah.. This is not my usual sty.
Had to kick it oldschool like a wrinkle in time
My terminology is mean, my apologies.
But I’m a college kid, recognize and acknowledge it
Still hollerin gotta get a dollar and
Keep myself
flyer than a cloud on some Pilot shit,
check the mileage, all it say is vroom
the fast life living but imma be home soon
Just got a text saying theres a keg, roll thru
Excuse while I ride the elevator to the moon.
Is this thing on?
Cmon man..
Waiting in the Elevator….

(Verse Two)
I got a gas tank full of they compliments
And a toilet bowl full of they shit talking.
Walk in – and all bitches be like who that is?
Fresh Snap back Timmy, Yea.. that’s that kid
Cameo, like he just popped up on the scene
Quite a bit of buzz but he only 19..
I see, only rappers tryna follow my lead.
But ill’ pave the way, goin’ harder than concrete
While you sleep, I work.
To fill ya ipod, and to kill a concert
it Look like a movie when I walk on stage
Party all night, Sleep all day
Sleep all day.. sleep all day
and Dream about the superstar life (ok)
ill say, I ain’t far from, whatever they call them
young nigga’s with talent but I still ain’t Ballin
often, at least it is safe to assume
now excuse while I ride this elevator to the moon, like…

(Verse Three)
These are.
Thoughts from an Elevator moving at light speed
And if you day dreaming I’m the person you might see.
Uh. she look good, and she tell me she like me.
So we just sight see, while our flight leave.
I be putting in work, I should do this for a living
Minus all the bull sh-ttin’ yeah forget the Scott pippin
Less I got luggage, u will never see me trippin.
because life is a Biatch, we be skinny dipping.
Forget class, you know she had to skip it.
Money on the loose, you should Watch while I get it.
While you forget it… kinda like a fitted..
Theres only snap backs in the world that I live in.
Uh. i can do whatever I chose.
Even tho its rude when I didy bop by you.
Without a care in the world, what can I lose?
Excuse while I ride this elevator to the moon…

Timmy Titus ft. Richie Stacks – Park Rangers


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