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Lil Wayne Believes Drake-Aaliyah Project is a ‘Good Move’

October 9, 2012 · Posted in Music, news · 2 Comments 

While the upcoming Drake-Aaliyah project has stirred some controversy amongst artists, Lil Wayne voices his opinion and supports Drake’s involvement.

YMCMB leader claims he hasn’t heard any negative feedback about the project, but says it will be a “good move.”

“Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it’s always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans—you know what I mean?” Tunechi told the AP (via Billboard). “Drake’s a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that. It’s an awesome collaboration.”

Those against the idea of Drake behind the album were long-time Aaliyah promoters Timbaland and Missy Elliott.  Timbaland even went so far as to tell Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, “I don’t think that’s even in the works. I think it’s blown out of proportion.”

From the looks of it, Wayne always has and will be a fan of Aaliyah’s music.  “Her music is still awesome,” he said. “It’s still better than a lot of music out right now.”

I like seeing Wayne support this.  What do you think?

By Sara – @ergense


2 Responses to “Lil Wayne Believes Drake-Aaliyah Project is a ‘Good Move’”

  1. ichyowie on October 9th, 2012 7:20 am

    waynes supporting it because he stands to make money from it


  2. 2 on October 9th, 2012 2:12 pm

    i thing, you shouldnT take a name of an other artist fo ya Money


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