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Kanye West Cancels This Weeks G.O.O.D Friday Due To Leaks!

September 30, 2010 · Posted in Business, news · 3 Comments 


Last night the Kanye West song “Lost In The World” from his upcoming album leaked in a unfinished format.

Kanye West took to twitter to express his disappointment and decided to cancel this week’s G.O.O.D Friday release as a result.


Read the full Kanye West Lost In The World Lyrics here.

Let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Kanye West Cancels This Weeks G.O.O.D Friday Due To Leaks!”

  1. Gary on October 1st, 2010 5:22 pm

    ouch…and did put some unfinished songs ?
    I’m not trying to say something bad to you
    and I think it’s just too hard for us to wait
    but should I tell you to stop doing that ?
    maybe we should respect kanye first man LOL
    just saying

    [Reply] Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by Gary. I hear you on that one. I respect Kanye as an artist and I have always been a fan. I wasn’t the one who hacked into his computer and actually stole/leaked his music. Plus I didn’t upload the song on the net or provide a download link.

    I found the song on Youtube and simply provided a stream from youtube to hear a work in progress and that was clearly stated. I encourage people to buy his album (Nov 22) for the finished product. You can also show support by going to his live performances and concerts.

    Artists get more money from live performances than album sales. Therefore if artists continue to put out good music its in their interest for as many people to hear it whether downloaded or bought. They can than re-coup $ from their clothing lines, sponsorship deals, live shows, tours or general fame.


    Gary Reply:,
    That’s what I’m trying to tell everyone.
    And yeah,I gotta be honest to say I was wrong to suspect if you did leak them.
    Sorry man,really.
    Absolutely,I will buy it and go to his live performances&concerts if tickets don’t sell out too fast LOL
    Above all,
    just wanna say thank you and I completely realize you don’t do bad things now.
    BTW,sorry for my poor english.
    So if there’s something wrong with my comment,just correct me as you can.

    Keep it up
    K illerh I pho P !


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