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Kanye Does A Surprise Performance on a Delta Airlines Flight!

November 8, 2010 · Posted in news, Performance, Videos · 1 Comment 

Kanye West took to the mic in mid air to surprise passengers on board a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to NYC.

He managed to get on the loud speaker and perform a few lines of Gold Digger.

It sounds like Kanye just can’t put the mic down right now. He is dropping new music every Friday and he seems to like doing impromptu performances wherever he goes. Remember the Facebook HQ performance?

Props: HWL


One Response to “Kanye Does A Surprise Performance on a Delta Airlines Flight!”

  1. […] Delta is the official Airline of the Grammys and this was a great scoop for them. This is the second time they got an artist to perform mid air (remember Kanye?). […]

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