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Jay Z’ 40/40 Club Momentarily Shut Down For Health Violations

January 21, 2012 · Posted in news · 1 Comment 

Billionaire Warren Buffet big pimpin’ at the reopening of the 40/40

The NY Post is reporting that Jay-Z’ 40/40 Club was shut down just a day after it’s grand re-opening. The NY Health Department shut down the club for various health code violations that included, inadequate refrigerator temperature, and mixing salsa with bare hands. The 40/40 scored a 69 on their inspection. A score of 28 or more is downgraded to a “C” grade.

But, a rep for the club informed TMZ that a broken refrigerator led to the shut down. According to the rep, the refrigerator broke down moments before the Health Inspector walked in the door, which would explain the high refrigerator temperature. Staff fixed the problem, and the club was allowed to re-open. The club lost no business, but their health code grade is still under review.

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One Response to “Jay Z’ 40/40 Club Momentarily Shut Down For Health Violations”

  1. Royal Swagness on January 22nd, 2012 6:17 am

    Thursday Night grand Re-Opening.
    Friday early mornin, grand re-closing. Haha.


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