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J.Cole Discusses “Baby Mamas” & “Born Sinner” Release Date

February 23, 2013 · Posted in interview · 4 Comments 


J. Cole is making sure he is everywhere this new year, not only by dropping a free EP, Yours Truly, but also by doing interviews such as the one he did the other day with Power 106’s Rikki Martinez (@RikkiMaa).  On air, the two discussed his new EP, baby mamas and when we can expect Born Sinner.

Rikki started off the interview by asking Cole about his continuation for rapping about baby mamas, but in a different way than most rappers in the game.  In particular, she brings up the Lauryn Hill-sampled track, “Rise Above,” on Yours Truly.

In discussing the theme of the track, he said, “In terms of theme, that’s something that is missing, like you said. It’s not even a love song, it’s more [about] a friendship. Talking about women as friends, ’cause we do have female as friends, it’s either a love song or hate song when it comes to women, no in between, and I was giving more of a realistic view of a relationship between a man and woman.”

Although the content of the song is strong, it won’t appear on Born Sinner, simply because Cole doesn’t want to have to clear the sample.  “I figured I probably couldn’t clear the sample. I wouldn’t even wanna try honestly ’cause that’s like about her son,” he said.

When will Born Sinner be released?  Cole says close to Tupac’s birthday (June 16th).  And finally on if we’ll see the Kendrick and J. Cole collaborative project by the end of the year, the rapper says, “It’s possible. We might see that completion of that album this year, I don’t know if we’ll see the actual release.”

Check out the complete interview below!

By Sara Ergen – @ergense


4 Responses to “J.Cole Discusses “Baby Mamas” & “Born Sinner” Release Date”

  1. ichyowie on February 23rd, 2013 6:30 am

    this nigga went from january 28 to june..smh


    dakshh Reply:

    @ichyowie, probably because his first single from the album didn’t get much as he expected, so his label pushed it back and gain that hype again by the free album he released days ago. ok


    dakshh Reply:

    @dakshh, *so that he can gain. poor grammar ftw


    ichyowie Reply:

    @dakshh, i got the ep. im just sayin we all knew it wasnt coming out on the 28th so why he try to gas us up

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