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News: Frank Ocean Busted for Marijuana Possession

January 4, 2013 · Posted in news · 2 Comments 

Happy New Year!  Well, not so happy for Grammy-nominated singer Frank Ocean who was cited for marijuana possession on New Year’s Eve, which then resulted in his driver’s license being confiscated.

According to TMZ, Ocean was pulled over in Mono County, Calif. for going about 90 mph in a 65 mph zone.  When police approached his black BMW, they smelled the marijuana coming from inside his car.  They then searched the singer and found a small bag of weed on him.  He was reportedly cited for marijuana possession, driving on a suspended license and tinted windows.

He was immediately released but had to be driven home by the passenger in his car due to his confiscated license.

By Sara Ergen – @ergense


2 Responses to “News: Frank Ocean Busted for Marijuana Possession”

  1. Muy Galán on January 4th, 2013 5:36 am

    “…do you not think so far, ahead?”


    Mike R Reply:

    @Muy Galán, Womp Womp….


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