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Eminem 3 A.M Trailer – This Looks Sick!

April 30, 2009 · Posted in Videos · Comment 

This is a sneak peak at Eminem’s latest video 3 A.M from his upcoming Album “Relapse”. The video looks like it is straight from The Blair Witch Project.

Eminem is a psycho and always comes up with some original and crazy stuff for his videos. Remember “cleaning out my closet”. About time he came out with some serious stuff. Not feeling the “We made you” video or his funny, cheesy, corny side.

Somehow I don’t think they would play this video on daytime TV.

If you haven’t heard the song listen to it on Youtube. The first verse is a killer “…out the corner of his cornea”. Eminem is back.

Check back soon for the whole video.


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