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Drake – Take Care Album Review

November 13, 2011 · Posted in reviews · 110 Comments 


Let’s get this started by saying I had high expectations for this album before I even heard it. The quality of music we were getting from Drake throughout the year led me to believe this was going to be album of the year. “Watch the Throne” set the bar high and then “Cole World: Sideline Story” set it higher though. Drake had some serious work to do, and in my opinion he did it. It wasn’t the over the top, amazing production from WTT or lyrically dominating like Cole’s project, but once again it was extremely relatable.

The haters are going to hate, saying he’s soft, blah blah blah. I’m a fan of all hip hop, and consider it an art. If fucking Picasso painted the same type of shit as Van Gogh then we wouldn’t recognize them as artists individually. So listen to the album and read this review with an open mind.

Now let’s break these tracks down…

1. Over My Dead Body

Did I expect this album to begin with anything else besides a piano? He started “Thank Me Later” with the last words of his mixtape “So Far Gone,” but starts this album with a known fact about his career last year. He killed everyone.  I like how he compares how he blew up last year, to the things that came with it, to the haters and doubters that his sophomore project would be a success. The 2011 Drake had a new sort of swagger, and confidence to him that he doesn’t stray from to start this album. He lets it be known that he may have been quiet, but he’s still on top.

“I think I killed everybody in the game last year, man”

2. Shot For Me

First time listening through this song, it reminded me a lot of “Karaoke,” the second track off of his first album, “Thank Me Later.” After a few more times and reading through the lyrics, I realized he took a much different approach lyrically. Instead of him being kind of accepting and understanding of a former loved one, he enjoys seeing the anger and unhappiness that she has with her new man. He reiterates the fact that he’s the man, and she can’t replace him no matter what she tries. The common occurrence where she believes anything but the words out of your mouth. He touches on all of these things in “Shot for Me.” This is the ideal situation for any guy that’s been through this. When you see the footprints you left behind, and the attributes she picked up from you and how she is pissed she isn’t getting it from her new man. The only solution for her? Take a shot for me and get wasted to forget about it.

“May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.”

3.  Headlines

We’ve had plenty of time to soak this one in. Strange thing about this song though, is although it’s certainly been over-played, it’s not played out to me. It’s just one of those songs that have verses that are fun to rap along with. Not an all in your face, really annoying single, but good enough to be a single and enjoy all the way to the release of the album. I know there’s been countless times where by the time an album came out, I wouldn’t even think to listen to the singles. They know, they know, they know….

4 . Crew Love (Feat. The Weeknd)

I know I wasn’t the only one who thought I was listening to a Weeknd record when this beat kicks in. What I love about The Weeknd in his music or songs he’s featured on is his ability to build the song up. Him and Drake make a deadly combination and they don’t disappoint on this track. They speak on exactly what the song title says. Putting on your crew and making sure they get love too. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with this dude when he’s spending “50K on a vacation” and when he needs “reservations for 20.” The boss shit about this is that I know if I, or any of my close boys, ever were to make it then we’d be doing the same shit. Respect, Drizzy and The Weeknd.

5. Take Care (Ft Rihanna)

To anybody who’s ever been in love and hurt deep, then the words to this song speak directly to you. Not knowing who or if you can trust again. Or when you’re put in a situation where your heart is telling you one thing and people try to tell you otherwise. When you truly need someone to “take care” of you, but you just won’t let them. It’s unbelievable how much I relate to this song. Kind of out of left field here, but to quote Big Sean “What’s the perfect girl, if it’s not the perfect time?”. I love how in depth Drake gets and explains how meeting someone at the wrong point in life is hard. “Try to run from that, say you’re done with that, on your face girl, it just don’t show.” People that think they are ready to commit, but can’t get away from the person they are in that point in time. The pressures from friends and the fear of being hurt again. A lot to take in, but Drizzy speaks the truth with Rihanna adding her angelic voice as the icing on the cake.

6.  Marvin’s Room

This song dominated my summer. No matter what, I had to cap my night with “Marvin’s Room” or my night wasn’t complete. Contrary to the vibes you got on “Shot for Me,” the jealousy side of Drake comes back out on this track. I’m sure we’ve all had those late nights where you make some reckless phone calls to some people you maybe shouldn’t have called. It happens to the best of us. This though, just might be my favorite Drake track of all time. It’s him at his best in his top three talents. Singing, rapping, and what was written.

7. Buried Alive (Interlude) (Ft Kendrick Lamar)

Kendrick Lamar continues to impress the shit out of me. This verse sounds like some lost tapes of “Section .80″ or some shit. His flow and rhyme scheme with multiple syllable words is one of the top in the game right now.

“Looking in the mirror I’m embarrassed, I’m feeling like a suicidal terrorist.”

You start your verse like that then you are guaranteed to have anybody’s attention. Good call by Drizzy to have Kendrick on this album.

8.  Underground Kings

This upbeat track gets you going with a steady head nod as soon as the beat kicks in. Great to hear him just going off with that high intensity, confident swagger that we didn’t really get from the leaked tracks throughout the year. He mentions the fact that he got “rich off a mixtape” which goes along with the title. I’m all about the deep, relatable songs that Drake always tends to give us, but sometimes you just need that straight hip hop where he spits bars with fury. Of course he has his signature parts of the song where he sings a random bar and then gets right back into rapping which seems to never get old. Overall, he bodies this beat.

9.  We’ll Be Fine

The slow flow is killer, man. This bass heavy track has Drake written all over it. It sort of reminds me of “Up All Night” with the slow flow and the hook. Similar repetitive sample in the background as well. Love how he pays homage to Aaliyah in the first verse. Imagine if we would have got to see that collaboration? Damn. He spits through this track with ease touching on everything from never thinking about suicide, jealousy, buying a new condo, and having your girl in line for his show around the corner. I’m sure these are all problems most of us wish we had. Add in some Birdman talking typical Birdman “boss shit” at the end of the song and you got yourself a banger. Although, I could have gone without the Birdman part.


10.  Make Me Proud (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Another song that we’ve had some time to soak in. First things first, I love this beat. It actually plays surprisingly well in a club. It didn’t really hit me as a club song when it first came out. That might have to do with the overload of house music at clubs nowadays, but that’s a whole different subject. The hook is catchy and done in typical Drake fashion. I’ve said it from the beginning though, I’m not a big fan of Nicki in this song. I think she unnecessarily takes the energy up a notch with her verse. I really liked where Drake had it, and she kind of comes in too, well, Nicki like. I do like the part where she sings a bit though. Maybe if she would have used that to bridge into her verse I would have liked it better. Either way, overall a good song.

11.  Lord Knows (Feat. Rick Ross)

It takes something very serious for me to start a verse over, immediately after I hear it. Drake’s verse in this is THAT serious. One of the realest and best verses that I’ve heard him rap in a long time. I love how he speaks on the fact that this generation of hip hop and music is completely different than back in the day. That’s an argument I always make. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the classics, but times have to change. He questions if artists from back in the day would be able to survive the hungry blogs and websites looking to expose celebrities more than ever. Another thing I found interesting in this verse is this line: “A lot of n**gas came up off a style that I made up.” I know I’m not the only one to think back to when Big Sean claimed Drake took his flow. Hmm, controversy? Rozay comes in to add the boss effect to the track. Short, but sweet. I really hope they follow through with that “Y.O.L.O.” joint mixtape.

12.  Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude)

This track is split up in two, with the song “Cameras” starting it off. A nice, slow paced, R&B track that makes you want to get your two-step on. I like the message that he’s giving off in this. He shouts out to the haters that think they know everything about him and his team and asks “thought you knew about the team?” He also brings up a good point that cameras can tell lies. People may not always truly look like what they show on camera. The second half of this interlude is the song “Good Ones Go.” I know we can ALL relate to this one. Having someone in the palm of your hand, but waiting just too long. Once they move on and you see them happy with someone else. There’s always that one that got away. To some, it may seem like Drake writes too much about these mysterious girls , but remember when 50 started making love songs and everyone got on him about it? So Drake, don’t switch your shit up. Can’t fix what ain’t broke.

13.  Doing It Wrong (Feat. Stevie Wonder)

Deep, deep, DEEEP shit right here. There’s not many different lyrics in this song, but the message gets it’s point across by the words he chose to use. “Cry if you need to, but I can’t stay to watch you, that’s the wrong thing to do.” The feeling of getting sucked back in once that first tear falls. “Touch if you need to, but I can’t stay to hold you, that’s the wrong thing to do.” That familiar feeling of holding the one that you can’t let go of. “Talk if you need to, but I can’t stay to hear you, that’s the wrong thing to do.” Being coaxed into believing in something, because the sound of their voice that you’ve always trusted is telling you so. He hits the nail right on the head with this one. The hardest thing to do is to just walk away, and Drake shows that listening, holding, or watching someone cry will make the process 100 times harder. Not only are the words touching, but the brilliant harmonica solo at the end by legendary Stevie Wonder is a tear jerker in its own. One of my favorite songs on the album.

14.  The Real Her (Feat. Lil Wayne, Andre 3000)

When this song first came out, I listened to it repeatedly simply because I was anticipating the album so much I couldn’t get enough. I still enjoy the song, but wouldn’t have minded if it was replaced on the album with “The Motto” and making this a bonus track. I think “The Motto” would be a good upbeat, switch up from all the deep music. Lil Wayne’s verse is certainly short, but filled with punchlines per usual. Andre 3000 seems to never disappoint with another great verse in here as well. Good track, but can see it being skipped in the future.

15. HYFR (Feat. Lil Wayne)

“Hell Yeah Fuckin’ Right”

Drizzy is in rare form on this track. Spits at high rate of speed which you rarely ever get from him. Good change of pace though and dope to see his progression as a rapper. Becoming a little more versatile than his typical slow flow. He speaks about a run in he has with a girl and how their dinner was interrupted with her…um…well, she had her mind set on something else. The chorus is pretty catchy, but doesn’t have much to it. Although it’s Weezy that does the hook, it definitely sounds like something that Drake wrote. Both of them hold it down on their verses, though. No real message to take out of this track though. One of the only ones that you can’t really sit and analyze.

16.  Look What You’ve Done

Like Kanye West on his second album, Drake makes an ode to his mother in this first verse of this song on HIS second album. Drake touches on how he tries to convince his mother to quit smoking and arguments that they had. The absence of Drake’s father in his life seems to be a touchy subject to him. In the song he mentions that his mother compares him to his father in an argument and that was, “ one button, you push it, now it’s fuck you, I hate you.” When all is said and done though, we know the rest of the story. He blows up and is able to give his mother everything he promised her. As someone that has a close relationship with their mother, that verse touches me. The second verse is just as touching though, as he speaks on his uncle who was a father figure to him. The way he speaks about him, shows that he was a driving force and believer in Aubrey from the beginning. Overall, one of those songs where you can hear an artist stray away from a persona and really speak to the loved ones in their life that helped them become who they are today. Great song.

17. Practice

The beat kicks in and immediately you notice something very familiar about it. Yup, that’s “Back That Ass Up” you’re hearing. I like this song, but I think might be my least favorite on the album. Kind of seems like a filler song to me, or something like “Trust Issues” where he did it for fun. Actually, wouldn’t mind if this was replaced with a “Club Paradise” or “Dreams Money Can Buy.” Something with a little more substance. Just gets a little boring to me, and too repetitive. Don’t skip it yet, but probably will end up skipping this one later on.

18. The Ride (Feat. The Weeknd)

Just going to start by saying the third verse in this song might be my favorite rapping verse he has on this album. Between this and “Lord Knows.” Just straight boss shit. Now that’s out of the way, overall solid track. Love how he has The Weeknd doing the vocals in the background and the hook. Would really love if they put out a project together. With somebody else covering for the vocals and the hook, Drake got to focus on just writing the rhymes. Well done sir. One of my favorite lines is, “Bitches smiling at ya, it must be happy hour.” Ha! One of the truer lines I’ve heard by a rapper.

19. The Motto (Feat. Lil Wayne)

You only live once: that’s the motto nigga YOLO

I listened to this live the night Drizzy was in LA on Power 105 FM to leak this track. I live in Massachusetts, needless to say the three hour difference and the fact that he dropped it at 11 PM Pacific time showed some dedication. It was worth the wait though. This song just makes me want to party. That first drum hits and instantly Drake comes in with “I’m the fuckin man.” I was hooked right away. In the words of Hov himself, “this got that bounce right here.” Another thing about this track, is that for the first time in a while, I feel that Weezy had a sufficient enough verse to keep up with Drake. Usually, it’s Drake that outshines Wayne, but he definitely kept up with him on this track. So, whether you’re at the club, or just pregaming before it, “The Motto” should be in rotation.


This is an album that you really need to sit down and soak in at least one time. That way you’ll have a whole different appreciation for it every time you hear it after that. The people that say “Drake’s gone soft” and all this shit must not have been paying attention to his career much. This is who he is. He’s always been a deep person in tune with his sensitive side. That’s when he makes his best music. “Take Care” is a prime example of it. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then no need to hate on it. But as far as content and how relatable this album is to my life, Drake did not disappoint my extremely high expectations. I’ve read in previous comments from our readers that maybe we shouldn’t label Drake a “rapper” because of how much he sings. It seems to piss the underground, lyrical hip hop fans off. Well, why can’t someone have the best of both worlds? Hip-Hop genre doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. All I know is that hip-hop is at it’s peak right now for this generation, and rising. So let’s have less hate, and more love. I’ve said enough though, thank you for reading, buy the album, and Take Care.

Take Care is available to order on Amazon and iTunes.

Written by Mike Da Silva. Follow me on Twitter: @TheMikeDaSilva

Let me know what you think of Drake’s Take Care album?


110 Responses to “Drake – Take Care Album Review”

  1. HoodRiddance on November 13th, 2011 5:12 am

    Good review.. I’m not gonna agree that it’s album of the year but it is a solid album that exceeded my expectations as someone who used to like Drake, then didn’t, and now he’s won me back. He just connects with too many dudes on this album. It’s gonna rack up some play counts for sure


    Hill Reply:

    what????? Drake usually outshines wayne??? hell no there both good but wayne mostly out does him. Ransom was a track and wayne brought it home, when drake and wayne are in the same song. Drake never brings it home,its always 500 degrees!!!!


    kenneth Reply:

    drizzy is the new hip hop revolution’s nigga


  2. Sywin on November 13th, 2011 5:13 am

    Wow – Great Review though – I share your opinion on this.

    I love Take care and cant get enough of it. -


  3. Nico on November 13th, 2011 5:19 am

    I liked the album, but i thought it was kinda repetitive and kinda left me hanging at the end. Its definatley a decent album though i put it in between cole world and wtt. With cole world on top


  4. pack on November 13th, 2011 5:27 am

    i didnt read the review.. because i have yet to listen to the album. i have it.. but i havent felt drake for awhile.

    i have no problem with an artist tapping into his emotions.. but lets stop making excuses. drake isnt a rapper.. & he hasnt been for awhile.

    drake could do what he does and never catch the backlash.. but with him its a bit much. people dont just call drake soft because of his singing.. but what he sings about as well. ‘marvins room’…. really?

    and lets never try to make a point by referencing picasso..van gogh.. & drake in the same sentence. if you’re going to argue that point.. then you need to look in the direction of kanye. he’s one of the very few artists that can give emotion.. but never lose his fan base. they expect it from him.

    drake however..came out with a fan base that was excited about his lyricism. we didnt care for singing drake. old rap artists were lined up to see drake when he first came out because of his buzz. the two minute songs..the fast rap.. not the slow singing. of course he had singing on his mixtapes.. but not like now.

    last album.. he was given the benefit of the doubt.. they called ‘thank me later’ an album for the women. but after awhile.. it became clear that this is who drake was.. and this was the type of music he makes. thats where the negative comes from.

    no shade..but lets be honest. drake is ja rule 3.0 ..


    Trill Reply:

    Your so fucking stupid. First of all how can u say that with out lisenting to the album? Your opinion off the back is stupid on that account. Im tired of all of u ” im a drake fan” posers, your not. He’s been like this since so far gone, since comeback season. Secondly, drakes fan base is getting bigger. Ive been listening to him since 2007. And not the least bit dissapionted. Hip hop is not one dimensinal like wtf , 2 min songs, fast rapping? No thats not hip hop or rap at all so that opinion is stupid. I perfer emotion way more than excitment because excitment can only last for a little bit in fast raps or ego verses. But emotional songs with rap and all in all musical appealing i perfer rather than that lazy backpackin niggas on the mic.


    Logan Reply:

    Fuck, I couldn’t agree with this response more than I already do


    pack Reply:


    ok son.

    im not sure anyone would want to be a ‘drake fan poser’.. but if thats what you believe.. then by all means.

    and obviously you didnt read.. but judging by your comment.. i cant hold that against you either. reading might not be one of your strong suits.


    bri-bri Reply:

    @Trill, AGREED!!! why r people so stuck on this one opinion that hip hop has to be hype all the time. its fuckin 2011 goin into 2012!!! like seriously people need to stop thinkin inside of the box and step out of it for a second, u need to take a look at it from a different point of view for a change


    ColeWorldNOsnuggie!! Reply:

    I loved drake from come back season….. so far gone and he’s early features on songs from mary J blige to timberlands say something. Drake is not the rapper he used to be anymore. Nobody is mad just because he sings, just because hip hop is dimensional doesn’t mean you’ll see nas playing a flute!!!
    If anyone that’s a drake fan tells me they feel in love with drake when they first him then they know this wasn’t the type of music they feel in love with!!! Jay z from hard knock life is the same jay z in H.A.M….. Nuff said.


  5. EmbraceJames on November 13th, 2011 5:29 am

    Cole World>Take Care> WTT>Ambition


    J Inough Reply:

    Ambition/Take Care>Cole World>WTT


  6. RS on November 13th, 2011 5:29 am

    Reading this as someone who absolutely loathes the album was a great insight into what the ‘other side’ or the ‘first of two’ of the drake fan base see’s in him. I am a huge fan of hip hop in general and completely agree with your assessment of hip hop changing, peaking and not being one-dimensional.

    You could say my beef with Drake is not that of hate but more of myself expecting something more, after all Drake is a ‘rapper’ a ‘young money solider’ as he says and what annoys and frustrates me and make’s me say ‘Drake’s gone soft’ is how he seems to have these two completely opposite personas. One minute he will be on a track like ‘Im on one’ spitting lines such as; “Like whats up with your best friend? We could all have some fun, believe me” and “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from” Which personally I love and connect with and then we get his album and 70%+ of the tracks revolve around emotions and lost love.

    In conclusion I may have rambled on a bit and not made much sense (did this very quickly) but I feel as if Drake has two fan bases and I feel I was on the losing fan base, I got maybe 4 records off that album I can stomach. When the rest seem to be dedicated to his other followers. This is where I compare J Cole’s album to Drake’s, same sorta concept but I feel as Cole delivered it much better, and to be honest is a better singer than Drake in general.

    Props to and MikeDaSilva, this is the best review of Take Care I’ve read.


    TheMikeDaSilva Reply:

    Respect bro, appreciate it.


    Wtf Reply:

    ….. K somebody needs to delete your comment as soon as possible, your opinion is worthless, when u said j cole is better singer? Wtf? Get the fuck out lmao. Omg go fucking listen to lost ones like please. Are u mentally retarted?


    RS Reply:


    Real nice respectable, intellectual answer there, from I’m assuming a huge Drake fan. My comments are purely opinion based, yes I’ve re read it and it could be worded better but the point remains the same. It’s people like you that spray nonsense and hate towards other fans and artists who are either in disagreement or competition with each other.

    Please refrain from replying to my comments again.


    RS Reply:


    *Edit, (answer) should read response.

    RS Reply:


    My English skills are utterly appalling today. Maybe KHH could make an edit button? xd

    MosDef Reply:

    @Wtf, yo wtf sounds like a sick Drake groupie lol


    Daboss Reply:


    I don’t completely agree with you. Me, I’m a big fan of music.. ALL types of music, Rap, R&B ( 90’s), Oldies all that. I’m a drake fan I do listen to him alot. To me he’s a great artist that can sing AND rap. I’m not a big fan of J-cole but i respect him because he makes good songs and he’s proving alot of people that he bolong’s in the game. . & Hip Hop is not one dimension It is not wrong for someone to express feelings on a track. ill never compare Cole word to Take care & Shouldn’t either, There’s NO SAME concept. Cole world is about Cole trying to make it in the game to become a great one in the game ( Which i feel he’s capable of being one), Him trying to live that life, talking about his struggles in life & Past… Take Care in other hand is about Drake living that life already, Not Letting ‘THE LIFE” Interfere with ‘HIS Life’ ,Also about him being a Young King in this rap shit, letting people know He’s drake and he’s not going anywhere..

    & To be honest Drake isn’t losing NO fans He’s Gaining alot.Also J-cole. Both doing their thing but they should never be compared man, I hate when artist get compared Each artist have different flows and different music. Just enjoy and that’s.

    J-cole better singer than Drake ? Lol cmon man me myself being a drake fan i say Drake has alot of work to do when it comes to singing and he’s getting better & better but really don’t say that makes you look like a j-cole groupie. They should Really be compared when J-coles sophomore album comes out.

    In conclusion, People need to stop saying shit about him being soft or w.e He’s always been like that. I feel like people have been brainwashed by so many rappers about guns, drugs. Knowing like 80% of rappers dont fucking do none of that it is called ‘Entertainment” so that’s what people like to hear, But when we get a guy like drake talking about HIS life and emotions now that’s soft and being corny ?. Drake speaks about his life obstacles & Women, If you have women in your life’s youll be like “yeah i do that too, i feel like that sometimes” Drake is a real dude to not be scared to speak about those things.



    RS Reply:



    I compared Drake and J Cole for ONE aspect of their artistic values. I compared the delivery of their tracks, which yes does have alot to do with which album their currently on, but moreso it has to do with the two men as separate artists themselves and how I as a fan perceive each one.

    Now to clear a few things up;

    Quote: “& Hip Hop is not one dimension.”

    I never said that, Mike who wrote the review said that and I was agreeing with him in saying hip hop IS NOT one dimension.

    Quote: “& To be honest Drake isn’t losing NO fans He’s Gaining alot”

    I beg to differ. If he keeps down this road of 80% Take Care tracks he will not be as successful as if he went say 50% of his records similar to TC and say 50% of his aggressive, fire spitting hip hop records that his OTHER fan base love to see him do.

    Quote: .”Also J-cole. Both doing their thing but they should never be compared man, I hate when artist get compared Each artist have different flows and different music. Just enjoy and that’s.” Then straight away contradict yourself with “They should Really be compared when J-coles sophomore album comes out.”

    Quote: “I feel like people have been brainwashed by so many rappers about guns, drugs.rappers dont fucking do none of that it is called ‘Entertainment””

    Yet your boy Drake raps about having threesomes and being constantly faded in singles such as “Im on one”

    Your last caps lock wall of text was well, textbook for a Drake fan. Drake addressed this in “Lord Knows” . He raps; I’m hearing all of the jokes, I know that they tryna push me, I know that showin’ emotion don’t ever mean I’m a pussy, Know that I don’t make music for niggas who don’t get pussy.

    If your going to “BE HONEST” really think about what Drake was, what he is and where’s he’s heading. How many feelings does the man have? Is this what Drake is going to be for his next 5 albums?

    Basically people seem to be missing my point. My point is;

    I feel Drake is a two sided coin. He has his RnB singing side and his aggressive cocky rap side. All I am trying to convey as a fan and listener of his music is that compared to his previous works I feel as if Take Care was focused on his RnB singing side. I would have liked to seen a little more rap side to his work this time around.

    Who knows? Maybe his next album will be the opposite.

    PS: I ain’t no J Cole groupie. Shady Records all day kid.


    LAGoon Reply:

    I agree with @Daboss some points he made were so true. @RS Im curious who drake “WAS” ? please tell me.

    Wtf Reply:

    Firstly , you want to be an annoying shady fan and compare everything. Then compare so far gone to cole world, thank me later to his second album and take care to his third. Secondly drakes all u listen to are his radio records, im on one isnt even his and hes never had a threesome. Thirdly, since when do u make the rules of rap and hip hop, those genres were all about feelings and emotions until the fucking early millennium, mid 90’s came where drug game took over and all hell broke loose. Fourthly, you follow the blogosphere of fans which is less than 1% music fans. How can u judge that those percentages of fans don’t like him? Your assumtions are idiotic . Lastly, if someone is JUST rapping their not making far into this game or in music because generations change and hip hop is evolving. I dont think the past “greats” would survive in this era and i predict j cole isnt going to be much bigger than what he already is. Its taken him so long, hes 26 nd just released his 1st album which was average, expected, and i feel like ive heard it all before on his mixtapes. Hes reppetitive. Drake is the blueprint of this new generation in hip hop/ RnB, and in music in general. Hes a musician, not a rapper.

    yerboy Reply:

    Drake doesnt even sing like that. it’s all harmonized and synthesized technologically. J. Cole sings raw, it shows true emotion.

    Drake singing live is painful, rather listen to my wife sing in the shower

    RS Reply:



    You just made no sense at all. So apparently spitting a verse on another’s track doesn’t make that your work… Seems logical.

    You talk about the ‘great’s of rap, different era’s This had nothing to do with any of that, it was an opinionated comment that you have taken way too personally and seem to be defending yourself and your favourite artist. Once again you compared J Cole…

    We will call your ‘argument’ an argument for arguments sake but it reads more like gibberish than sense.


    What I mean by what Drake ‘WAS’. From my point of view, Drake was the new kid on the block (yeh he cant always have that title obviously but nevertheless) he was cocky, aggressive and fiery when he spat on straight tracks with no chorus’. It just seems like he suddenly got a deal and just seemed to lose that hunger for me.


    Basically what I was trying to convey in the quick comparison of the two artists.

    Maybach Money Reply:

    BOSS ass way to break it down. much props


    RhyRhy Reply:

    @RS, one question, ass hole; did you HEAR his new album or LISTEN to it? People decide what they want to hear in hiphop and rap(banging beats and cuss words); if they dont hear it thats it. but the truth is hiphop and rap have evolved into way more than that and the people who are wise and realize this become the new jesus. THATS DRAKE! FUCK YOU!


  7. pack on November 13th, 2011 5:32 am

    with all that said.. the young man has a bright future because of the fan base he has now. its just that we now all know for sure who the kid is and what he does. its not ‘hate’. hate is not wanting to see someone succeed. i would love to see him do well.. im just not a fan of all his music.


  8. carter on November 13th, 2011 5:33 am

    Hands down- best review I’ve ever read. TAKE CARE. 2 MORE DAYS OVOXO


  9. drew3 on November 13th, 2011 5:41 am

    PERFECT review. agree with u on just about every song


  10. Tim on November 13th, 2011 6:04 am

    Cole World >>> Take Care


  11. Sharice on November 13th, 2011 6:24 am

    Cd reminds me of his mix tapes mixture of rap and singing I like it


  12. Drewb on November 13th, 2011 6:39 am

    Excellent Review Mike…
    Theres a good progression thats happening with these 2 albums. The first one sounded like it was rushed and Take Care shows the patiences and time he put into it. Drake did go back to his “So Far Gone” days on some of the tracks. He did touch all the bases as far as topics went, like in his “So Far Gone” days…
    The Rapper/Singer Drake IS will Never change nor will pleasing the people that dont like him either.. Take Care is an album i can play all the way through..


  13. Royal Swagness on November 13th, 2011 6:51 am

    Over My Dead Body 7.5/10
    Shot 4 Me 7/10
    Headlines 6/10
    Crew Love 7.5/10
    Take Care 6/10
    Marvin’s Room 6.5/10
    Buried alive 7/10
    Underground Kingz 7/10
    We’ll Be Fine 7.5/10
    Make Me Proud 7/10
    Lord Knows 8.5/10
    Cameras/Good Ones Go 7.5/10
    Doin It Wrong 7/10
    The Real Her 5/10
    HYFR 7.5/10
    Look What You’ve Done 8.5/10
    Practice 6/10
    The Ride 8.5/10
    The Motto 7/10

    Overall an above average album & sad to say it’s better than Watch The Throne. It’s more structured with a theme, people can really relate to this album with situations love & a relationship will put us though.


    JC Reply:

    @Royal Swagness, This gets respect man. To know you aren’t a big fan of Drake but can acknowledge the album is good says a lot.

    For you to say that its an above average album gives me optimism for Tuesday when I will listen to it for the first time.

    Also, great review KHH!


    eth Reply:

    @Royal Swagness, A bit harsh on Headlines. Worth more than a 6 in my opinion.


  14. MosDef on November 13th, 2011 7:16 am

    Album was just ok with me. I listened to it very closely but its just not my cup of tea. lol idk why its just too gay for ME..not saying anyone that listens to this is gay lol But i just hand picked songs i thought were cool to me. I just feel like drake should just stop with the singing..saw him live and his singing sucks ass. The ride was my fave joint just cause he had 3 verses n hearing the weekend(true singer) in the back sounded sick. Thats when i think drake sounds dope. Anyways cool album Good review KHH


    Kemikal Kris Reply:

    @MosDef, word!


  15. Frankhood Brotherz on November 13th, 2011 7:56 am

    i killed everybody in the game last year. . .lol . . .he went in the same year with kanye west and Eminem and he say he killed everybody wtf ! lost ones >> takecare!


  16. Phee on November 13th, 2011 8:42 am

    I cant lie. I AM one of those people who say drake IS indeed soft. and I only say that because why act like a hard ass when youre so soft. Call me a hater if you want but I KNOW good music. and this album is epic. I LOVE the cd from beginning to end. Majority of the tracks are sorta like my life and what Ive been through. With that being said, Good ish drake. Keep up the good work.


  17. Kemikal Kris on November 13th, 2011 9:30 am

    Why do u guys even compare Drake to J Cole? O_o they re not on the same level. J Cole would school Drake any day any time.


    Wtf Reply:

    Stfu. Call me when that happens. Clearly your wrong on that account.


    juice Reply:

    i HATE when ppl say this………drake is flat out better…if ur a numbers guy go look at the numbers…he destroyed “in the morning” thats why cole put it in his album so it’ll sell :*


    Kemikal Kris Reply:

    @juice, Drake was already Famous..Cole was coming up..Drake is in young Money so anything he does will be heard. J Cole might as well have put Lil Twist on the track if he wanted to sell. the truth is Drake liked the song and he wanted to be on it.. J Coles 3 mixtapes(not even album) would rape any album drake is planning to release in the future or mixtape he already has out..let me break it down..Drake and J Cole aint on the same level. I d rather compare Drake to Wiz Khalifa. he aint a heavyweight rapper. any one who raps wouldn’t argue dis. comparing J cole and drake would be like comparing Jay Z to LL Cool J in the old days


    wtf Reply:

    lmao stfu. j cole is the most simple, boring rapper in the game, i dont see whats so special about him, he sounds like every other fucking “comming up “rapper in the game. he cant sing FOR SHIT. HE MAKES THE WORST HOOKS, his lyrics are simple, they arent lyrical at all in terms of depth, and closure. j cole basically made 3 mixtapes talking about the same shit and he made an album which was friday night lights part 2.

  18. Julian on November 13th, 2011 10:01 am

    Okay. Ive listened to this album twice now. And I must say that I like it. Lord Knows and The Ride are my favorite songs. I got that Comeback Season/So Far gone feeling all over again on those two songs. I dont like Headlines much at all and I dislike Wayne in general so I wished he did not have a Feature. They are friends, but I hate how they have to roll together. And the song where Birdman came on was an unnecessary feature too. Im a person that likes Drake but doesnt love every song he makes. Some songs blow me the hell away and some bore me. I like all kinds of music, old and new, rock, rap, r&b etc. Drake did well on this album and I think it will sell well.

    P.S. Can people stop using the word gay as an insult? Its very ignorant and inconsiderate. Its 2011. use another adjective if you want to bash an artist. Its fine if you hate drake or think hes soft blah blah but keep it at that. Trust me, youll feel better about yourself.


  19. musiccfan on November 13th, 2011 10:40 am

    Why do people compare J.Cole and Drake ? It’s almost like comparing LeBron and Kobe. They have 2 different styles and techniques. Im a fan of both artists. I have both albums. ( real fans buy albums, i bought sideline stories and am buying Take Care tuesday) Cole bodies most of the songs on his album. He is a rapper but tried singing. Drizzy bodies most songs on this album. He sings as much or maybe a little more than he raps. They both give a little of both. stop bitchin and appreciate the fucking music.

    People say Drizzy gone soft, So far gone was a “soft mix tape” with deep lyricism but thats what got him to where he is right now. “he went soft” but yet you know all the words to his songs. You set expectations too high, it seems almost unfair cause someone will always have a problem and expects and if not wants ! him to fail. just fall back SO STOP SUCKIN THE YACH AND BEING NARROW MINDED. THIS AINT 90z HIPHOP NO MORE,




  20. on November 13th, 2011 10:59 am

    You know what I’ve noticed less and less C4 is being mentioned as a great album from this year although its his best since C2 and also why does everybody seem to over look The Game’s cd to me that and Kendricks album were the best until J. Cole like for real


    phillip Reply:, dude my homeboy would say the exact thing about wanye best cd since c2


  21. AC on November 13th, 2011 12:17 pm

    Great Album From Drake the thing about him is he’s more than a rapper he is a really good singer and showed improvement in both.
    Favorite Tracks From Take Care:
    1. The Ride (Good flow from Drake & The Weeknd sings great + 3 Verses)
    2. Look What You’ve Done (Good to hear Drake talk about his family)
    3. Lord Knows (Hard spittin from Drake & Ross & Great Beat from Just Blaze)
    4. Over My Dead Body (Great start for the album)
    5. Headlines (Still loves this song and has more meaning then just a single)
    Least Favorite Song: Practice (A little boring & agreed should of been replaced by Club Paradise)
    But still buying the album & Good Review from KillerHipHop & Take Care!


  22. Ediamin on November 13th, 2011 1:26 pm

    Take care is going to get album of the year. No fucken way it’s gonna be beat. So many people can relate to Drake’s music. His music is just so fucken awesome. He by far my favorite artist next to 2pac. Of 2pac is better but they’re 2 whole different styles. I like drake singing better then rapping.. But when he mixes both into one song I can have that shit on repeat alllllllllll day. The Calm his best song ever…. Next to “Marvins Room” so many people can relate to his music, we go through all that shit with females like him. I love his music, big fan drizzy fuck the haters.. Do your thing boi…. Props


    wowzer Reply:

    @Ediamin, album of the year,really?that’s just senseless,cole world is much better in rap terms and saying the calm next to marvin’s room are his best tracks !boo boo boo


    mboss Reply:

    Hell yaa fuckn rightt!you tell em@Ediamin,


  23. yuri on November 13th, 2011 2:32 pm

    dope album.take care>wtt>jcole..


  24. richie on November 13th, 2011 5:20 pm

    To be honest the person who wrote this review is obv blowing j.cole. that’s all you talk about… saying take care isn’t as lyrical as j.cole….. Bro hop off j coles snatch and right a non bias review.


    MosDef Reply:

    @richie, but take care isn’t as lyrical as j Cole tho lol when talking about those albums…take care is half rnb not saying that’s bad but that’s a fact bro.


  25. Oh My God on November 13th, 2011 5:39 pm

    Section.80> Cole World > The Martyr > Take Care > Ambition > Bad Meets Evil > WTT > Anything else released so far.
    Kendrick Lamar that dude.. Cole fire.. Immortal is greatness..
    As for Take Care, I liked MOST of the songs due to the fact that it is WAY better than TML. Lord Knows is raw… Production was amazing. That song got me into Drake again. Maybe it’s the beat or his flow but that song was the best from the album.. Reminded me of “Rise & Shine” from Cole, only less lyrical.


  26. wowzer on November 13th, 2011 5:53 pm

    @Royal Swagness, yup its definitely better than watch the throne,though kanye did a great job whilst jayz delivered only on a few tracks,even though take care is too much of the same


  27. mboss on November 13th, 2011 6:37 pm

    Ahahahaa its funny how much energy people are putting into commenting on this. No need to get so worked up about it, youu either like drake or you don’t. I love his music that’s it. If you don’t that’s fine too, juust don’t get all mad and talk so much shit, go listen to something else


    YMCMB Reply:

    @mboss, AGREE!! either you like him or you dont! if you dfont then dont listen to him!


  28. YMCMB on November 13th, 2011 7:00 pm

    Drake Take Care > Cole World… ppl and fans can relate to take care story more than any other album out there… Take Care > even carter 4! and Wayne is my fav artisit and i think Drake overdo him here. Take Care is just too epic and how he put a life story and made songs out of it. Underground Kings, Lord Knows, The Motto, Marvins Room, Make Me Proud. etc… Too Many hits.. great Review!



    Dean Reply:

    AGREE! man im goin cop bout two cds. this is a CLASSIC ALBUM! ALBUM OF THE YEAR! TAKE CARE OVER EVERYTHING.


  29. B.J on November 13th, 2011 7:13 pm

    Dope album. Better than Thank Me Later. deff copping it.


  30. kira07 on November 13th, 2011 8:29 pm

    He killed everyone in the game last year?
    He must be dreaming cuz kanye has release the best album of 2010 and eminem has the best selling album of last year, now I’m not hating on him I’m just stating facts is all btw I been hearing good things about the album so far and I did enjoy so far gone mixtape and thank me later album and so far take care has been getting better reviews then TML so I I’m looking forward on Tuesday.


    phillip Reply:

    @kira07, he did kill everybody in the game last year kanye sucks dick and is a sorry excuse for a rapper….and eminem dont get me wrong will outrap drake anyday he will outrap anybody honestly he is genius but eminem has just really came back and recovery was a decent album yes i loved it it was a classic but drake was everywhere and eminem aint on his p’s and q’s yet his next cd though will be on it i gurantee u but i feel you man everybody got their own opinion but seriously this aint a opinion kayne west is a bitch and cant rap….lol.


  31. lucas on November 13th, 2011 9:30 pm

    “The haters are going to hate, saying he’s soft, blah blah blah.” good point… take care is the best album in the year no more word


    phillip Reply:

    @lucas, u got that right he on pac level people hatin cuz they wanna see him go hard but he aint never talked bout no street shit just real shit and thats real!!!! fuck these wack cats talkin bout half ass listeners to real shit is what they is!


  32. Hoodstarr on November 13th, 2011 10:12 pm

    Aye good review, and I liked your point’s you made about Drake still being what he was on those Mixtapes. Up on this one.


  33. Qzty on November 13th, 2011 10:48 pm

    Not feeling ‘Take Care’ It’s too much of an R&B album for me.

    I feel like he only join Young Money just for the publicity. He’s more an R&B singer than a rapper. He’d be better off doing songs with John Legend, R Kelly, Usher, etc. And the fact that he’s an ego, thinks he killed everyone and he’s the best, and acts like a tough guy ( especially in one of concerts where he addressed the beef with Big Sean was fake, he talked like a real nigga from the hood, GTFO Drake) and then makes R&B songs makes him look soft and fake.


    RS Reply:



    Drake the two-sided coin.

    So far for me, the rap side is fake.


  34. edison on November 13th, 2011 11:02 pm

    WTT>Cole World>Take Care>C4


  35. Paul on November 13th, 2011 11:54 pm

    WTT>Cole World>C4>Take Care>Ambition

    every track on take care sounds the same…

    wtt = album of the year because it sold enough copies, had some of the best production, was lyrically progressive for hip hop as a genre, and had 2 of the greatest on there that are also both in the illuminati… no way they’re not taking it.. imo i want j cole to get album of the year but honestly, j cole only sold half as many records and his production wasn’t lauded as much as wtt’s was. lyrically j cole is relevant, with much more relatable songs than the ones i heard on any album this year. but still, how’s a debut artist going to top the collaboration of 2 illuminati heads it’s just not happening


    phillip Reply:

    @Paul, CARTER 4 sold more copies in its first week then watch the throne is selling still….sooooooo u cant say its best cuz of how much it sold cuz it aint sold shit compared to wayne……oh and i done seen 3 not 1 but 3 used watch the throne cds….thats pretty bad… the throne=GARBAGE!!!


  36. TreLamond on November 14th, 2011 1:30 am

    This album has really inspired a few new tracks im writing, really just has tracks that are relatable to most aspects of everyone’s social life.


  37. J on November 14th, 2011 1:54 am

    Personally, while I do think think it’s a good album, it didn’t reach my expectations. The reviews made me listen to the songs over again with more of an open mind. The first time I heard it all the way through, I thought it was WAY too much singing (humming). Some good verses here and there. Nothing too special except “Lord Knows”. It was way more consistent than TML, and actually had more a of a theme I guess and blended in nicely. Overall it really was a good album, but just not what I expected. I mean to me, I think his features outshined his own things. I do wish he could’ve rapped way more and gotten back to his old days of rapping like “Comeback Season” or “Room For Improvement”. I mean listening to songs like “AM 2 PM” was what got me interested into his music, and in those mixtapes he sang little or none at all. And some of the songs do sound kind of depressing. I mean yea I like the album, just not what I was hoping or expecting. This is in no means a classic, just like Cole World isn’t either. They were both great albums, but neither is classic worthy to be completely honest.

    To sum it up, great album, wish he could’ve rapped a bit more and came harder. If he would’ve rapped more like he did on CS or RFI or even SFG, than this would be better than Cole World. Still great album though.


  38. PASSEDPRESENT on November 14th, 2011 2:41 am

    I agree with the general consensus. Whether you like it or not, Drake has become a strong voice of our generation, which is why so many people find his music relatable, he speaks for all of us.
    But the reason I think that Take Care is a contender for album of the year is because of where he is creatively right now. It may not be as creative as an Independently release album. But no mainstream album as of late, put out by an artist as big as Drake (excluding maybe WTT), is sounding as different as Take Care. Not many LPs put out in hip-hop today can boast a Stevie Wonder solo, 2 combined tracks/interludes that are each over the 7-minute mark, an Andre 3000 feature, vocals from one artist in 4 different songs, a cover of a hip-hop classic, features from 2 different independent artists, and a sound-bite from the artist’s grandmother and still go gold (don’t pretend like it won’t happen). Not even Thank Me Later displayed a palette straying so far from the conventional rap album.
    Drake did exactly what he wanted with this album and it seems like he knows what he’s doing as well. If this is how much progress we see from him since his last album a year and half ago, its interesting to think how much we’re bound to see from him as time goes on.
    I think the biggest beef people have with him are the songs where he does a substantial amount of singing. While it may not be “hip-hop” to sing, it is musical. So ultimately you have to respect it.


    RhyRhy Reply:

    @PASSEDPRESENT, thanks for notbeing an asshole u r very intelligent. u r one of the few who LISTEN to music not HEAR it.


  39. MQS on November 14th, 2011 9:04 am

    Great review, straight to the point and no bias. Keep it up KillerHipHop.


  40. JSwagg on November 14th, 2011 10:41 am

    Cole World > Carter 4 > Take Care = Section.80 > The R.E.D. album > Ambition > Watch the throne .

    J. Cole’s album was straight up CLASSIC and album of the year so far, Lil Wayne’s C4 was fireee and second album of the year, Drake’s Take Care is straight bumpinn and good and so was Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 ! Game’s R.E.D. album was his best since the documentary, Wale’s Ambition album was suprisingly good, AND LAST is Watch the throne which I had to mention cuz its sucked for me, was just decent, I only liked Kanye on that, fuck Jay-z !

    That’s a 2011 for me so far, period !!


    phillip Reply:

    @JSwagg, all i got to say is i dont agree with jcole at all cuz all the songs i listened to from his album sucked in my opinion besidees lost ones but on to that jayz part i do agree FUCK JAYZ!!!


  41. Ht on November 14th, 2011 11:40 am

    Thanks KHH….


  42. Y@ on November 14th, 2011 7:05 pm

    I would leave Take care between Cole World and WTT as well. The only thing thats putting Cole World over Take Care for me is the emotion that J. Cole shows. Drake had a lot of emotion too, but J.Cole rapped about EVERYTHING. Not many people would touch subjects like J.Cole did in that album.

    Overall great review man. Really couldnt have said it any better.


  43. Rippy on November 14th, 2011 11:14 pm

    Drake is one who is on a whole other level…no one can beat his ryhmes, flow, lyrical style. hes just one of a kind. I cant say that im surprised how good this album is because we expect no less from him… his lyrics and music continue to penetrate your soul. not only can he connect with dudes, but he speaks to us females on a deep level as well… i cannot even express the way i feel for his vibe, his music, and his lyrics.


    phillip Reply:

    @Rippy, thats what im talkin bout drake on a level these people aint ready for… these people who on jcole dick like they abunch of homos…..jcole all he know to talk about is fuckinm a girl and thats all he wants her for…..nobody wants to hear that garbage….DRAKE would murder jcole lyrically and physically…


  44. KuRtY bOY on November 14th, 2011 11:31 pm

    Never liked drake but I’m a fan of this album. But drake should make up his mind if his a rnb singer or a rapper. Cole world best album this year that’s straight up a classic


  45. KuRtY bOY on November 14th, 2011 11:32 pm

    Never liked drake but I’m a fan of this album.Cole world best album this year that’s straight up a classic


  46. SamBoomBAM on November 15th, 2011 12:44 am

    Since when was it a crime to sing and rap? Who cares if he sings, raps, or plays the banjo?!? He’s making music, HIS music. As an intense lover of hip hop and music in general, it kills me to see people put hip hop in this small bubble. It doesn’t have to be just rhymes and a beat. Drake’s flow is unique and I respect him for that. Someone commented that one minute he raps about partying and the next about his relationship woes. Ok, so…what person doesn’t feel emotion. Get off that. If you wanted a cd that you could just bump in the car or just jammed in the club you should’ve bought Gucci Mane’s lol. Anywho, Take Care flowed very nicely for me and the content was extremely relatable. I loved it.

    Take Care >Cole World>WTT>Ambition


  47. Jasmine on November 15th, 2011 1:49 am

    For those who are comparing WTT, Cole World, & Take Care… knock it off these are all different artist in different parts of their careers.
    J Cole is a new artist, so yes that freshman album was phenomenal because we have no other albums (not mixtapes) of his to compare it to. Talk to me when his next album drops. But to say that his album is this years best I don’t know about that one.
    WTT has two crucial rappers that has been in the game way before J Cole or Drake. So yes it better be a great album but to be honest they produced exactly what i thought they were going to produce. Bragging about all the money that they have. Same Shit man. I expect waay more from rappers whose been in the game that long.
    As for Drake I think I speak for everyone when i say that we can relate to his lyrics. And i think that’s what an real artist is, it’s someone that can connect to his fans and that’s exactly what he does, I can’t still listen to “thank me later” & vibe to it, like it’s my first time hearing it.
    Those who think hes “going soft” or becoming “commercialized” you have no idea what you are talking about. He speaks real life situations and real life from problems on EVERY SINGLE BAR. Oh, He’s soft because he’s speaking from his heart and not his wallets? Life isn’t always hype and money thrown everywhere for all of us like some other rappers may portray. But I definitely have had moments where i wanted to tell my ex to “take a shot for me” or on the contrary tell them “fuck that nigga/bitch, that you think you love”.. We’ve all been there. The thing i like i most about drake is .. He makes you think. instead of saying that there he has no competitors because people are just copying him says “A lot of niggas came up off of a style that I made up But if all I hear is me, then who should I be afraid of? & remember ladies & gents this is sophomore album & changing the game …& if you can make the legendary “back that ass up’ into an r&b song; you are amazing!!! But none to less I think that this is the album of the year. Drake is progressing and becoming better every album and I think that what’s important.


    RhyRhy Reply:

    @Jasmine, true music is an art, and so is LISTENING TO IT!


    phillip Reply:

    @Jasmine, AGREED 100% man…….DRAKE killing the game….jayz and kanye wack rappers to me so fuck watch the throne!!!!


  48. ciph3r on November 15th, 2011 1:57 am

    this album was good but it did not beat out watch the throne


    phillip Reply:

    @ciph3r, watch the throne was wack…..point blank period…….Like the better mc(NAS) said….”FUCK JAY’Z”….


  49. lifes.a.gamble on November 15th, 2011 10:38 am
  50. philippe Luseyi on November 15th, 2011 11:04 am

    The album’s nice but I don’t see it winning Album of the year, c’mon guys Carter IV


    phillip Reply:

    @philippe Luseyi, Drake outdid wayne on this one i think but i love carter4 its wayne’s best since carter 2


  51. hope on November 15th, 2011 2:18 pm

    “Showing emotion doesn’t mean ima pussy,know dat I don’t make music for nigaz wu don’t get pussy so doz r da ones diss me or overlook me”drake lord knows


  52. doinme on November 15th, 2011 2:56 pm

    ive been a drake fan 4 some years now and i cnt like smetimes i got tired of hearin the singing dnt get me wrong i dnt mine singin on hooks and chorus cause he kill tht but singin on half of the song it get old like the song take care idl the song but the song wit stewie wonder was hot cause he was rappin like 2 songs straight and changed the style up i can deal wit tht cause hearin rappers rap bout money fame and success get old as h… smetimes im not makin excuses 4 him but he only doin the music tht people want 2 hear and wat i mean by tht is alot of people havnt nver heard room 4 improvement r comeback season until they heard successful the man can rap no denyin tht but all the singin makes it seem like he runnin out of things 2 say j. cole second favorite rapper after drake killed his album but idnt wnt 2 hear no d… lights please and in the morning again even tho i know y he did it but still i can put money on it on his second album when he put the old songs tht didnt make this album up there we goin 2 be mad at him like nigga really why u doin tht 4 (and yes he is putting them songs on the album he said tht out his mouth) every rapper goin 2 do somethin tht we dnt want 2 hear but they goin 2 do it cause at the end of the day they the ones in the studio at 5 6 am in the mornin makin songs tht they like and they want 2 share with us so its no point 2 hate r be an a.. towards these dude if u not goin 2 buy the album then thts fine if u not thts gud 2 but dnt walk around dissin them jst cause they not makin the music tht u wnt 2 hear


  53. Jon on November 16th, 2011 5:02 am

    Can i just request a “one verse one hearse” for drake’s last verse on “the ride” please…
    thank you in advance


  54. jack bauer on November 16th, 2011 4:58 pm

    i dont mind the singing,if u a drake fan ul knw he sings nd hez been doing it ever since he came in de game,my problem is everytime he wants 2 show emotion nd gt a msg thru hs music he cn only do it by singing,nd its always relationship stuff;kareoke,find ur love,nd de rest of de songs hez singing on takecare sound very similar. I find it strange hw ppl on here claim 2 relate 2 him,yeah we gt marvins room bt al de otha songs are jst de same,i remember whn fear,the calm nd to an extent the resistance came out,real songs,drake pouring hs heart out bt he ddnt try nd sing 2 gt hs point across dats wat i want 4rom drake,i jst dnt think hez capable of dat anymor. So on dat bombshell i still think J.cole had de best album out dis year,u wanna talk abt songs u cn relate 2,nuthin on takecare beats lost ones,breakdown,nuthin lasts 4eva,u cnt hear those tracks nd tel me u dnt relate,he ddnt even have 2 sing


  55. RhyRhy on November 16th, 2011 11:42 pm

    When a song comes out on the radio, you already have decided what you want to hear. Sometimes, usually when you don’t have the ability to have an open mind, you take what you decided you want to hear and try to force that into what you end up hearing. And this is too common in today’s world because we have been trained to hear one type of music: rap. we confuse rap with hiphop, and even in rap, we are trained to hear one thing: some type of verbal illustration painting a violent picture mixed in with at least 20 cuss words, all over a banging beat. We don’t care about the words as long as there’s a cuss word in it. We could care less about the story being told. We forget that music is an art (henceforth the term ‘ARTIST), and art is meant to be experimented with and learned. Music is not supposed to be the same. And how can we learn if there’s nothing new being taught? We HEAR the music today’s artist put out, but we don’t LISTEN. If we HEAR a banging beat in the song, it’s the shit. THAT”S WHY THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T AND NEVER WILL UNDERSTAND THIS TALENTED NEW ARTIST NAMED DRAKE!! HE WILL ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO THE MUSIC, AND NOT BE ALL ABOUT BANGING BEATS, WHICH YOU ALL MISTAKE FOR THE MISUNDERSTOOD TERM ‘HARD.’ “HARD’ WILL ALWAYS BE ‘DRAKE’ NO MATTER WHAT!!


  56. phillip on November 17th, 2011 5:21 pm

    damn i didnt know i wrote so much…lol.


  57. phillip on November 17th, 2011 6:12 pm

    as far as im concerned i dont care what your opinion is to be honest the fact is,is that YOUNG MONEY is runnin the game right now…..GET RIGHT people!!!


  58. mcanddj on November 18th, 2011 5:21 pm

    I suppose everyone’s taste in music is different. That being said Drake is the furthest thing from HIP HOP ever. There is a difference between commercial rap and underground hip hop. Example; I doubt Das EFX think that Drake is bigger than hip hop-a perfect example of REAL hip hop. Drake makes commercial rap music for the audience that listens to commercial rap i.e. people who let MTV and BET introduce them to music. I as all REAL hip hop heads could care less who’s “runnin things” in terms of record sales. I don’t care if Drake & Lil Wayne sell the most albums, lyrically they are about as interesting as listening to kindergarten kids rapping. Listening to this guy tryna be hard is pathetic. He’s from fucking Canada (safe as shit), was on nickelodeon-the absolute definition of a studio gangsta. I’m happy for him that he’s makin money, but his music is terrible, he’s lowering the bar for everyone else. It’s too bad that to succeed and reach the masses you pretty much have to sell out, wear/ talk about designer brands, rent expensive cars for the videos and all that just to be saying jack shit. Welcome to the future!


    OVORee Reply:

    are you fucking serious don’t get on a nigga please don’t . ok Drake had a pretty easy life oh fucking well. in his damn album he said he done with acting he’s more intouch with the music. where you come from D O E S N ‘ T define who the fuck you are. that was some real ignorant shit you was talking about. yeah Drake ain’t the same from when he first started off he started singing alot more. thats great cause he’s more versitle than some of the nigga in the game now. apparently you haven’t listened to Take Care cause Drake wasn’t trying to act hard AT ALL. he’s expressing his damn feelings, thats some real shit, instead of niggas rapping about getting laid and smoking weed or even having some type of weapon knowing damn well that haven’t killed a damn fly, now thats some pathetic shit. i’m just saying know what the fuck your talking about next time bro, cause what you just posted was some real ignorant shit.
    C H E C K M E .


    OVORee Reply:


    What the fuck are you serious .? That was the most retarted thing i have EVER read. Like your really ignorant. That whole Canada shit, just crosses my line. It doesn’t matter where the fuck you were raised dumb ass. and the whole nickelodeon thing he was just doing something to get paid. some rappers now a days are becoming actors and what not. that doesn’t me shit. it just actually makes them more versatile. and where did you find out that drake was introduce to music by BET or MTV? please reply with a source. His music is A M A Z I N G something you can acually relate to, something that brings you into his childhood. Most of these rappers talking about shooting niggas and what not knowing damn well they ain’t do shit. you comment was just plain I G N O R A N T.
    CHECK ME .


  59. Drizzy96 on November 20th, 2011 5:12 pm

    I love this review cuase evrything they say for each is true:)


  60. William on November 22nd, 2011 7:55 am

    honestly are you retarded practice’s verses are tight my nigga


  61. OVORee on November 29th, 2011 8:18 pm

    Drake is on some real shit with his album. And to the people saying he should of switch some of his songs up with dreams money can buy,or club paradise, thats just S T U P I D as fuck. why would you want something on a album that you already heard of, thats just retarted. Drake is my favorite rapper (singer, actor whatever the hell you want to call him) in the game right now he actually talks about thigs that happened through out his life. its like when i listen to take care i can imagine the things he went through, yeah he didn’t struggle like some of the niggas in the game right now, but all that counts is what he doing now and that some raw as shit. so please don’t come on hear saying all these shit about him. Cause some of ya sounding real ignorant. and as far as the singing, i don’t really give a damn his lyrics be expressing some deep shit and thats all i care about. Drake is by far the best rapper in the game right now. I’m done .


  62. m on January 26th, 2013 6:40 pm

    One of :the best.I may be late but ive been a drake fan since comeback season.


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