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Diddy Tells you to “LOCK IN”!

May 7, 2009 · Posted in Videos · Comment 

Diddy kicks some knowledge about how to stay motivated and lock in on your dreams.

In his video series on Youtube called P. Twitty TV he highlights terms that he uses to keep positive and stay motivated throughout your day and life. Using positive terms helps you stay positive. In this video Diddy explains the term “Lock In”.

Diddy is actually very good at motivational speaking and if he wants to diversify further he could be the next Tony Robbins. He has inspired many people to follow his success with his short videos all over the internet.

Diddy is a marketing genius and utilizes social media such as Youtube, Twitter and Myspace very well to connect with his audience. Whether you like his music or not you have to respect his craft and his grind!

Follow Diddy on Twitter at @iamdiddy for more motivational words of wisdom from the great man himself.


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