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Jay-Z – DOA (Death of Auto-Tune) Official Music Video

June 29, 2009 · Posted in Music, Videos · Comment 

Jay-Z – DOA (Death of Auto-Tune) Official Video

It’s finally here the official DOA video. This is a real classy video from Jay-Z. Would you expect anything less.

Jay-Z comes out in all black wearing his Versace shades. In a sign of the times Jay-z blow up some chains, bright colored clothes and golden bottles which looks like Cristal. Jay-Z is signifying the end of an era.

Of course he has his own Ace of Spades bubbly now.

The video features cameo’s from Harvey Keitel as a card player and basketball star Lebron James.

Also in case you were wondering Jay-Z shaves off his hair at the end of the video. I guess it must be a fresh start for Jay-Z. Blueprint 3 coming soon.

Read the Death of Auto-Tune lyrics to read what Jay-Z is talking about.


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