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Caught On Tape: Nicki Minaj Arguing With Mariah Carey

October 3, 2012 · Posted in news, Videos · 7 Comments 

A video has just been released by TMZ showing Nicki Minaj arguing with Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol. Nicki can be heard saying “I told them, I’m not f****n’ putting up with her f****n’ highness over there.”

With two divas in the same room something like this was bound to happen. Which team are you on, Team Nicki or Team Mariah?


7 Responses to “Caught On Tape: Nicki Minaj Arguing With Mariah Carey”

  1. Btys on October 3rd, 2012 4:28 am

    Team Mariah by far
    … Nicki doesn’t know anything about singing yet alone rapping, it’s a damn shame she’s a judge in the first place,.. Smh anything for some views huh fox ?


  2. Youngin on October 3rd, 2012 6:08 am

    I’d pick sides if I was fucking one of them,but I’m not,so I really don’t give a shit ! Just get us that kdot tracklist


    Btys Reply:

    @Youngin, the tracklist already leaked


  3. swagfag on October 3rd, 2012 6:26 am

    #TeamNicki Vs #TeamMariah just like #TeamEdward Vs #TeamJacob Lol


  4. AfricaRising on October 3rd, 2012 6:37 am

    @Youngin, Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Makes sense! Lol


  5. khuli(S.AFrica) on October 3rd, 2012 7:28 am

    fuck these hoes


  6. Ike on October 4th, 2012 5:16 pm

    team Nicki!!


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